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☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆
24 June 2011 @ 03:13 pm
... cuz I actually missed blogging and yet I'd been facing massive writing blog because I'd been so spoiled by Twitter's brevity and impromptu ''orz

And I really should write about my Japan trip and *THE* L'Arc~en~Ciel concert I went... last month *dies*
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☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆
hydeism : I can't wait for Fridaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
piratelicker : @hydeism u gotta get down for that
deaxolff : @hydeism /resists from singing that stupid friday song
hydeism : @deaxolff i knew i'll get at least one comment re: Black Friday from that lololol. FRAIDAY FRAIDAY FRAIDAYYYY
hydeism : @piratelicker back seat or front seat? 8D
piratelicker : @hydeism which one will you take
hydeism : @piratelicker i'll take the car and run them over
piratelicker : @hydeism that's not fun fun fun fun
hydeism : @piratelicker but i need to go get my bowl. gotta get my cereal :((
piratelicker : @hydeism and u need to be fresh
hydeism : @piratelicker even for the bus stop? D:
piratelicker : @hydeism gotta stop now brain leaking from ears
deaxolff : @hydeism @piratelicker I see you & Reins are having fun with the song lol
piratelicker : @hydeism @deaxolff at the cost of my brain cells sobs

Other notable tweet-spam would be the LOL!English -> Malay song translations on April 1st 2011 and of course, the epic!Senjakala tweet-spam of 2009 XDDD

Needless to say, the main reason I'm gonna get a smartphone is so that I can check twitter more often lololol
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☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆
17 February 2011 @ 12:32 pm
I had a long heartfelt entry typed out earlier about this but decided against posting it. Because nothing can beat the beauty of simplicity.

L'Arc~en~Ciel 「20th L’Anniversary Live」


Thank you thank you THANK YOU (and I could not say THANK YOU enough) to the wonderful psyienna for helping out getting these WONDERFUL WONDERFUL LIMITED EDITIONS TICKETS! ( public sales only goes on sale in April heeeeee )

My dearest ossans! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!
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☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆
11 January 2011 @ 05:39 pm

A week or two late; what's with the DVD rip AND subtitle had been out since before the new year BUT NO MATTER. FOR I AM GUNDAM!

And Sunrise trolled me in the first 6 minutes ''orz I was properly going whuuuuuu? where?? whyyyy??? Until Alejandro Corner showed up and Setsuna ended up so GAR he must had switched personality with Graham and THEN I noticed Tieria is a macho black man, Lockon is a megane-kun an-and Allelujah is a cute girl in pink hair ''orz

Thus, I know I'll be in for the ride of my (fandom) life. Thank you Sunrise.

First, the AWESOMECollapse )

Now, the NOT SO AWESOMECollapse )

To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about this movie. Maybe because I'd been a long time Gundam fan - and has a certain fixed perception and expectation on how Gundam movie plot should be like. And Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer certainly isn't in the usual scope of Gundam-ness for me.

All in all, I think I would love it if it's NOT a Gundam movie. It would do as a Macross movie though imo *hides*

Also, OHAI! HAPPY 2011 even though I'm 11 days late! (and the first thing I blogged in MONTHS is about Gundam 00. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, SUNRISE! *shakes fist*
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☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆
20 July 2010 @ 02:44 pm
So finally I had a weekend that does not require me to work or run up and down doing errands. Took Friday off after my eye checkup to have a longer weekend because I felt like I kinda ... deserve a break after the crazy rush for the project I was working on.

I spent the whole Friday sleeping like a hibernating bear, the whole Saturday reading and reading and reading on the bed (I'd made my way through the entire Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones in about a week or so -- and loved every single one of it! Minus Witch Week, cuz I don't like Charles and the only one I'm missing now is Lives of Christopher Chant cuz the bookstores doesn't have it :( )

So Sunday was deemed the gaming day. After finishing TMGS3 Ruka's route two weeks ago, I barely touched the DS cuz I was rushing for work day in and out. I finally pulled my DS out and pondered for some time whether I should get that two missing CGs from his Date album or just give it up and start a brand new game on another character ( Tamao-senpaaaaaiiiiii!!! )

A lot of TMGS3 rambling -- which I don't think anyone cares aboutCollapse )


And just for my own references...

Ruka's CG list and requirementsCollapse )


INCEPTION IS BRILLIANT <3 and I would like to have its crazy dreamscape babies ( and to quote deaxolff, it's FUCKYEAHMENINSUITS : The Movie. UNF. )
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