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Twitter is probably not built for our tweet-spams

hydeism : I can't wait for Fridaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
piratelicker : @hydeism u gotta get down for that
deaxolff : @hydeism /resists from singing that stupid friday song
hydeism : @deaxolff i knew i'll get at least one comment re: Black Friday from that lololol. FRAIDAY FRAIDAY FRAIDAYYYY
hydeism : @piratelicker back seat or front seat? 8D
piratelicker : @hydeism which one will you take
hydeism : @piratelicker i'll take the car and run them over
piratelicker : @hydeism that's not fun fun fun fun
hydeism : @piratelicker but i need to go get my bowl. gotta get my cereal :((
piratelicker : @hydeism and u need to be fresh
hydeism : @piratelicker even for the bus stop? D:
piratelicker : @hydeism gotta stop now brain leaking from ears
deaxolff : @hydeism @piratelicker I see you & Reins are having fun with the song lol
piratelicker : @hydeism @deaxolff at the cost of my brain cells sobs

Other notable tweet-spam would be the LOL!English -> Malay song translations on April 1st 2011 and of course, the epic!Senjakala tweet-spam of 2009 XDDD

Needless to say, the main reason I'm gonna get a smartphone is so that I can check twitter more often lololol


I had a long heartfelt entry typed out earlier about this but decided against posting it. Because nothing can beat the beauty of simplicity.

L'Arc~en~Ciel 「20th L’Anniversary Live」


Thank you thank you THANK YOU (and I could not say THANK YOU enough) to the wonderful psyienna for helping out getting these WONDERFUL WONDERFUL LIMITED EDITIONS TICKETS! ( public sales only goes on sale in April heeeeee )

My dearest ossans! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!
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Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer

A week or two late; what's with the DVD rip AND subtitle had been out since before the new year BUT NO MATTER. FOR I AM GUNDAM!

And Sunrise trolled me in the first 6 minutes ''orz I was properly going whuuuuuu? where?? whyyyy??? Until Alejandro Corner showed up and Setsuna ended up so GAR he must had switched personality with Graham and THEN I noticed Tieria is a macho black man, Lockon is a megane-kun an-and Allelujah is a cute girl in pink hair ''orz

Thus, I know I'll be in for the ride of my (fandom) life. Thank you Sunrise.

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To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about this movie. Maybe because I'd been a long time Gundam fan - and has a certain fixed perception and expectation on how Gundam movie plot should be like. And Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer certainly isn't in the usual scope of Gundam-ness for me.

All in all, I think I would love it if it's NOT a Gundam movie. It would do as a Macross movie though imo *hides*

Also, OHAI! HAPPY 2011 even though I'm 11 days late! (and the first thing I blogged in MONTHS is about Gundam 00. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, SUNRISE! *shakes fist*
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Let's Talk Tokimemo! Again!

So finally I had a weekend that does not require me to work or run up and down doing errands. Took Friday off after my eye checkup to have a longer weekend because I felt like I kinda ... deserve a break after the crazy rush for the project I was working on.

I spent the whole Friday sleeping like a hibernating bear, the whole Saturday reading and reading and reading on the bed (I'd made my way through the entire Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones in about a week or so -- and loved every single one of it! Minus Witch Week, cuz I don't like Charles and the only one I'm missing now is Lives of Christopher Chant cuz the bookstores doesn't have it :( )

So Sunday was deemed the gaming day. After finishing TMGS3 Ruka's route two weeks ago, I barely touched the DS cuz I was rushing for work day in and out. I finally pulled my DS out and pondered for some time whether I should get that two missing CGs from his Date album or just give it up and start a brand new game on another character ( Tamao-senpaaaaaiiiiii!!! )

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And just for my own references...

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INCEPTION IS BRILLIANT <3 and I would like to have its crazy dreamscape babies ( and to quote deaxolff, it's FUCKYEAHMENINSUITS : The Movie. UNF. )
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More GS3 gross fangirling


On my first playthrough too yayyy. Apparently i have ages of experience bullying Teru into getting his ED working on the Prince chara I can guess what they like even without double checking the guides lololol /not something to be proud of.

But i'm missing two of his Date album CGs WHRYYYYYYYYYYYY. According to the wiki here, they're the 3rd year Jan and Valentine CG. WHAT VALENTINE CG RUKA WHY YOUUUU. YOU DONT LIKE THAT 3-HEARTS NATURAL CHOCO ISSIT?! [ Note: I hate the new Valentine mini game SFM ]

Anyway, for Ruka's ED my end parameter are all above 110 ( roughly 160 Study, 178 Art, 156 Fashion, 126 Sports, 134 Social, 110 Charm -- Bambi graduated being top of her class too heh )

I think at this point of time, I'm still more biased to Teru from GS2. No one had ever given me so much stress near ending of the game except that Drama Queen with his 31st Jan Tragedy GDI ( and so much plays wasted because goddamned Choppu refused to show up at the goddamned lighthouse cuz my Charm para is -2 to 110 /flips table )

Teru's more fun than Ruka though, somehow. Maybe I'll like Ruka more if I actually concentrate on the Triangle/Pride VS Pride mode but ehhh. We'll see how far my OCD takes me. Ruka's CGs are definitely very very very pretty though :3 ( His X'mas CG aaaaaaaaa! ) Also, since Teru, I get all nervous that Ruka will pull another TRAGEDI 31 JANUARI on me post his X'mas event cuz he's all broody alluva sudden '''orz

But GS3 ED is kinda nostalgic cuz it takes place at the church and aaaaaaa the GS1 stained glass backdrop again :3

IDK what to do next. Go back to my Triangle mode ON save file and start balancing Ruka and Aniki's para or just give up and try to stalk Tamao-senpai uhihihihihihi /gross

Hmmm... GS3 makes me all blogging-friendly again? LOL
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This is my fangirly post.

So I started playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story.

There had been a whole loads of gross fangirling and stupid RAGEEEEEEE towards the game over at Twitter with piratelicker. Actually the RAGEEEE part was built up since April; the moment Konami revealed the shota-sensei but he does not exist in my perfect Habataki world ( as for as I am concerned, Himuro is still my class teacher lololol )

My playthrough without a guide was major torture though since I'm aiming for the Prince-chara so I guess I'll have to work all the stats to 120-150 and above '''orz (idk why everytime I play TMGS my Charm para are the hardest to level up ''orz ) For those on Twitter, I suggest you avoid piratelicker and me for the moment because we're both going after both the Sakurai siblings and you get screams of "RUKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" (from me) and "ANIKIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" (from her) - alternately every few mins *bricked*

Ruka. Sakurai Ruka is WEIRDDDDDD for a Prince-chara. He's unreliable and you get the feeling that he's lying 99% of the time but uhyooooo his CGs are sooooo pretty I forget he's Gintoki sometimes (major brain breakage for me because I keep seeing Gintoki every now and then in the game lolololol ) And Konami is absolutely evil for introducing the Love Triangle mode and dedicated TWO pages of album CGs for Triangle-exclusive CG aaaaaaa why you want me to break Aniki's heart Konamiiiiiiiii /gross

( and I'm OCD about them albums so you know I'll spend 120695695867 hours trying to get it all sobs )

I'm really not used to this unPrincely Prince chara Terurin come bacccccckkkkkk D:

A strange and interesting thing I noticed about the three Prince(s) from the three games though from GS1-GS3. All the three of them do not watch TV hahahaha.

Kei's (GS1) TV went dead and he never bothered to fix it. Teru (GS2) has no time to watch TV because he works at Sangosho at night and then he will spend the rest of his free time studying (uwaaa Terurin I missed youuuu ). And Ruka just.. doesn't own one XD;;;

*coughs* At least I'm not doing stupid back stories for the characters yet unlike a certain fandom I'm in ...
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Metal Gear Rising : Watermelon Eater


I really wanna play this game because I'm a stupid fangirl who doesn't quite mind hack and slash *coughsDynastyWarriorscoughs* ( granted, the only other MGS games I can actually play is probably Metal Gear Solid: PIECEwalker lololol )

Also, the last bit of the trailer sold this for me. Definitely.

(I'm probably here because twitter is down ''orz)

ETA: Apparently, I'm not the only one who got bitten hard by the twitter bug lololol
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Guess what kicked me off my months-long blogging hiatus?

This piece of news : http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-03-22/warner-brothers-in-talks-for-live-action-bleach-film

That scream of great pain you heard earlier? That was probably me.

Considering the general respect ( or the huge VOID of lack-of ) that Hollywood gives the original materials on Japanese anime/manga/games adaptations, Bleach might end up something like this ( written by yours truly, but if the movie did end up like this, remember you heard from me first D: ):

The story begins with Ichigo, a young man trying to fit in with the rest of his school. (reads: STEREOTYPE HOLLYWOOD LOSER) After finally gathering enough courage to ask his beautiful classmate, Orihime out for his final year prom, he was devastated to arrive at Orihime's home to discovered that she was attacked by a monstrous being known as Hollow.

It was then when Ichigo met the mysterious Rukia - who claimed to be a Soul Reaper who fought the Hollow using the traditional Japanese katana; when his life will be changed forever.

Ichigo, for the past few years post-Soul Society arc had strike me as being as interesting as watching paint dry, but the stereotype-Hollywood white loser-kid finding awesome powaaaaah and using it to save the world HE IS NOT ( okay, well he's a semi-normal kid discovering awesome powaaaaaah in the form of his BFS, but STILL ) Please, Kubo Tite, pleaseeeeee do a Kojima. I am at the verge of giving up Bleach please don't give me a kick down the way too sobs.

piratelicker had kindly provided a possible list of crack!castings for your perusal over twitter earlier : ( I lol-ed damnit, now I wanna see a photoshop of the cast XDD )

SHIA LEBOUF AS Kurosaki Ichigo
CHOW YUEN FATT AS Uruhara Kisuke
ZAC EFRON AS Kuchiki Byakuya


Also, ohai people. Missed me? 8D;;;;;
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Gundam 00 Movie - Teaser Trailer

I-I just..


I-IDEK WHAT TO SAY. If I'm reacting this way to this 1 mins 30 seconds teaser trailer. God forbids me to actually watch this

OMG MY MEISTERS &hearts OHISASHIBURIIIIII~~ TTwTTbbbbbb ( also, it had always been my bias but I loveeeeee Setsuna and Allelujah's Gundams for both seasons. And their new machine looks awesomeeee XDD Gundam Harute! 00 QAN[T]!! &hearts &hearts &hearts )

PS : I had a gawdawful day at work today and those on twitter and IM would know XD; Sorry if I made you guys worried; but it seems like my depression dispersed in like 0.0000002 sec the moment the trailer loaded.

I'm still massively pissed over what happened; but yeah it's something I'll deal with tomorrow. For now, it's Wednesday evening and I'm looping the stupid trailer over and OVER again ( also, epic OST is epic <3 ) *sighs*