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Thursdays random-ness

☆ I need to post about my week long trip in Guangzhou because I promised several people including family members that I'll do this. But I find myself too lazy to look through my camera folders ORZ

☆ Mayday new album. WHEN ARE YOU ARRIVING?

☆ I'm extremely obsessed with Gundam 00 now it's bordering on unhealthy level ORZ My love for Gundam 00 is around the same level of Graham's obsession with Gundam? ( which borders on the territory of love, according to Sunrise. WHY SUNRISE, DO YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH OFFICIAL CRACK STATEMENTS?! ILU SO MUCH )

☆ Though I'll probably never forgive them for what you did to Neil and now... MISTER BUSHIDO.

☆ But they gave me CHORIIIISUUUU!Setsuna crack D: I-I.. dunno what to think ORZ

☆ Mamoru Miyano is such a fanboy himself I have to like him XDD Choriiiisuuuu!!

☆ I think I'm getting too used to using twitter. I can't seem to express myself writing long sentences and in paragraphs anymore.

☆ Would like to apologise to my twitter-pals who got massively spammed by me yesterday 8DDD Otoge geeking out with raethes via twitter = TOTAL CHAOS

☆ Whoah, LJ changed the update!tag interface? @_@;

☆ I'm still terribly amused with Hakuouki. Chizuru in Sanosuke's route is so dense. Dude had been dropping colony sized hints the whole Chapter 6. And she still wondered "Who is the girl Harada-san likes?" Durrrrrr...

☆ Also, Shiranui in Sano's route. I-I actually liked him a lot here DDDD:

☆ Oni no Fukuchou. WHY ARE YOU SO NICE IN EVERY ROUTE IN HAKUOUKI I TOOK? Mwaaaaa ( though my brain sometimes process his voice as Lockon's. And my brain will send me to special happy places *headdesk* ) Both my fandoms are doing me no good I tell youuuuu

☆ Malaysia finally screened Tropic Thunder. Had the biggest laugh I'd had for weeks in the cinema thanks to the movie XD;;

☆ This is getting amazingly boring so a picture of something I'm craving now? ;D

Thinly sliced roasted duck skin to be wrapped in wantan skins + lettuces and dipped in special sauce *____* Had this in Shenzen ( we went to SZ for a day when we were in Guangzhou ) WAAAAANNNNNTTTS

... I ... really can't ... write properly already? @__@;;;
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