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Dissidia : Final Fantasy once more

I finished playing Dissidia : Final Fantasy!

Or rather, my brother did. I was next to him doing the translation XD;;;


This game is so shamelessly fan servicey. BUT I LOVE IT A LOT. Because the interactions between characters are REALLY FUN. And the slight homage and shout out they did to the original game is pretty cool ( The cut scene of Frioniel holding his sword in front of his face like the original logo? A thing of beauty XDDD Not to mention a lot of the lines in battles and what not are lifted straight from the game XDD e.g. Tidus : This is my story... ( and watch me go all *PUDDLES OF GOO FLAILING AROUND* )

I poked around and landed myself in Dissidia Wiki here and proceed to waste a few hours running through it XD I had fun with this the most. The transcript of lines for characters XD Basically these are their battle cries and lines they said when they fight against certain opponent X3 X33 I think Butz still have some of the best lines around, despite his unfortunate name ( but I love playing as him. His attacks are AWESOME <3 )

・VS Cecil:優しさだけで勝利は掴めない { You would not be able to attain victory with just kindness alone }
・VS Cloud:全力で来い、クラウド! { Come at me with everything you'd got, Cloud! }
・VS Squall:吼えてみせろ! { Let me hear that roar! }
・VS Tidus:お前の明るさは武器だな { Your cheerfulness is a weapon on its own }

・VS The Emperor:人は道具じゃない!希望だ!{ Humans are not tools! It's HOPE! }
・VS Kefka :悲しい、笑い声だ… { Such sadness, in that sound of laughter ... }
・VS Sephiroth :この寒気、何者だ貴様? { This cold presence, what the hell are you? }
・VS Chaos :俺の夢は消えない! { My dream will not be erased! }

Onion Knight
・VS Butz :ちゃんと頭使ってる? { Can you use your head for a bit? }
・VS Cloud :悩んでばかりじゃ、進めないよ? { You will not move forward if you keep hesitating }
・VS Squall :その武器、格好いいなぁ { That weapon, looks so cool }
・VS Zidane :ボクも盗賊になれる? { I wonder if I can be a Thief too? }
・VS Tidus :そんな元気だと疲れるでしょ? { Isn't it tiring to be SO cheerful ( all the time ) ? }

・VS Garland :大きいからって自慢するな! { Don't think highly of yourself just because you're BIG! }
・VS Cloud of Darkness :僕の気持ちは消せないんだ! { You can never erase these feelings of mine! }
・VS Golbez :悩み事なら、相談乗るよ { If you are so troubled, just sit down and talk it out }
・VS Jecht :おじさんでも手加減なし! { I won't go easy even on an old man! }
・VS Chaos :僕は、僕を信じる! { I believed in myself! }

Cecil Harvey
・VS Warrior of Light :この剣で、あなたを越える!{ With this sword, I shall surpass you! }
・VS Firioniel :夢のため、剣を交えよう { For the sake of dreams, let's cross swords }
・VS Onion Knight :君の光はまだ幼い { Your light is still very immature }
・VS Terra :戦いを、恐れるな { Do not fear, just fight }
・VS Zidane :君となら、明るく戦えそうだ { If it's you, this battles will be a very cheerful one }

・VS Golbez :兄さん、僕は戦うよ! { I'll fight, Brother! }
・VS Kefka :なぜ人の痛みが分からない! { Why don't you understand people's pain?! }
・VS Sephiroth :冷たさを宿す、悲しい眼だ… { Carrying that air of coldness, those sorrowful eyes ... }
・VS Gabranth :僕と同じ苦しみを? { He who shares the same pain as I do? }
・VS Chaos :友の心、この剣に託す! { I entrust in this sword, the feelings of my comrades! }

Butz Klauser
・VS Warrior of Light :我らに光を!…なんてな { With my light! -- what the..? } <-- HE IS MAKING FUN OF WARRIOR OF LIGHT'S BATTLE CRY??! XDDDDD OH BUTZ ILU <3
・VS Butz :おぉ!格好いいじゃん、俺! { Oooo! Looks GOOD, MYSELF! }
・VS Squall :たまには笑っちゃえよ! { It won't hurt to smile a bit sometimes, y'know! }
・VS Zidane :俺が勝っちゃうもんね! { I won't lose to you! }
・VS Tidus :新しい技、教えてくれよ { Those new techniques, can you teach me? }

・VS Garland :戦い以外、楽しみは無いのか? { Don't you have anything FUN to do apart from fighting? }
・VS Golbez :悩みがあるなら、旅に出ようぜ! { If you are so plagued with problems, just go on a journey! }
・VS Kefka :楽しそうで羨ましいよ { I'm kind of jealous of how much fun (Kefka)he seems to be having }
・VS Sephiroth :なっがい刀だなぁ { That's a looooong sword }
・VS Ultimecia :俺も時間が止められたらなぁ { Mann... it'll be great if I can stop time too ~~ }

Cloud Strife
・VS Firioniel :お前は、友達に似ているな { You... resembles a friend a mine }
・VS Zidane :軽口を叩くなら今のうちだ { If you want to crack a joke, do it now ( before the battle starts ) }
・VS Tidus :なぜ楽しそうなんだ? { What's so funny? } <-- I ttly make this up cuz I can't find a sentence close enough to this.

・VS The Emperor :俺は、誰の道具でもない { I am not anyone's tool }
・VS Cloud of Darkness :闇は切り裂くだけだ { I'll just cut through this darkness }
・VS Golbez :お前は、誰のために戦っている? { Who are you fighting for? }
・VS ExDeath:真の絶望も知らないで… { You have no idea of real despair ... } <-- Cloud, the emo-kid AHAHAHHAA Yeah you show the guy! XD
・VS Kefka :話が通じる相手じゃないな { I don't want to talk to you }
・VS Sephiroth :アンタとは、決着をつけなければ { I will end this with you }
・VS Kuja :出会ったばかりだが、お別れだ { Even though we'd just met, I really want to leave now }
・VS Jecht :特別な奴なんていない { You're not so special afterall }
・VS Chaos :もう、揺るがないさ { I will not hesitate anymore }

Squall Leonhart
・VS Warrior of Light :その輝き、俺にはまぶしすぎる { This light... is too blinding for me }
・VS Firioniel :俺たちは戦いに生きるだけだ { We are both just living to fight }
・VS Onion Knight :子供は、得意じゃない { A child, this is not my forte }
・VS Butz :なぜそんなに楽天的なんだ? { Why are you so optimistic? }
・VS Terra :一歩でもいい。踏み出して来い { Move forward, even if it's just a step }
・VS Cloud :失うのが怖いか? { Are you afraid of losing something important? }

・VS Golbez :信じたいものは何だ? { What do you want to believe in? }
・VS Kefka :いたずらが過ぎたようだな { Your trickery had gone too far }
・VS Sephiroth :過去の英雄など必要ない { There's no need for a hero of the past } <-- WOW, this requires serious GUTS to say in Sephiroth's face XDD
・VS Kuja :戦いに、言葉など要らない { There's no need for words in battles }
・VS Jecht :俺にも、守りたいものがある { I have things I want to protect too }

Zidane Tribal
・VS Onion Knight :泣いても知らないからなー? { I don't care if you start crying okay? }
・VS Butz :よう、 バッツ !いっちょやるか! { Butz! Let's do this! }
・VS Terra :女の子?やりにくいなぁ… { A girl? I really don't wanna do this... }
・VS Cloud :もうちょい明るいほうがモテるぜ? { You'll be more popular ( with girls ) if you smile a bit more } <-- oh Zidaneeeeee <3
・VS Squall :勝ったらその武器、もらうからな! { I'll take that weapon of yours if I win this fight! }

・VS Garland :ここがお前の墓場だ! { This will be your grave! }
・VS Cloud of Darkness :一応、レディ、なのか? { Uhh just in case.. you're a lady, right? }
・VS Sephiroth :本気で行かないとやばそうだ { I kind of really not want to go there }
・VS Kuja :白黒はっきりつけようぜ! { Let's define black and white properly now! }
・VS Jecht :おっさんには負けないぜ! { I won't lose to an old man! }
・VSシャントット:俺が勝ったらデートしよっか? { If I win, can I have a date with you? }
・VS Chaos :こりゃ大舞台だな… { This is the grand stage! }

・VS Warrior of Light :スピードなら負けないッスよ! { If this is about speed, I won't lose! }
・VS Cecil :頭固いぜ。気楽にな! { Don't be so formal. Let's have fun! }
・VS Squall :言いたいことは言っちゃえよ! { Just say what you want to say! }
・VS Tidus :エースはオレだっつーの! { The only ACE here is ME! }

・VS Cloud of Darkness :闇の中でも、ゴールを決める! { In the midst of darkness, the goal had been decided! }
・VS Golbez :おっさんと戦ってもなぁ… { Even if I fight with an old man... } <-- LOL Tidus, don't look down on Golbez now XD
・VS Kefka :オレがもっとすごいことしてやる! { I'll show you something even better! }
・VS Kuja :アンタ、いちいち腹が立つ { You get offended so easily }
・VS Jecht :俺の物語の、最終章だ { This is the final chapter of my story }
・VS Gabranth :その頭、重くないんスか? { That head ( helmet ) ... isn't it heavy? }
・VS Chaos :最後かもしれないだろ? { This may be our last chance } | Literally, he said "This might be the end of everything" But this is to follow the English script that we're all so familiar with right? :P )

Ehh I didn't translate Terra and Warrior of Light's line because they're a little... boring? XD;; *dodges rotten tomatoes* Warrior-san is pretty much as knightly as you can imagine and talks in a rather old fashioned style and keep saying things like "The light will lead my way", "I will not lose to darkness" etc etc XD; Terra's is pretty much afraid of her own power and she sounded unsure nearly 90% of the time. The only part I really enjoyed so far from her are the ones where she met Cloud ( but then I'm a Cloud fangirl, so I'm totally biased) And when they start talking about flowers and stuff ( Firioniel inflicts this on EVERYONE it seems ), I went all fangirly because I'm totally wearing my OTP-google and all the flowers reference is making me think of a certain flower girl ( why yes i'm not so subtle in my FF7-ship )

( And of course, this is not the full list, because I'm lazy and I am only highlighting some fun ones I can actually understand *coughs* )

And you know what caters to my FANGIRLY HEART THE MOST?


Oh gawd, the prettiness. IT'S SO DAZZLING. IT'S BLINDING &hearts &hearts &hearts
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