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This post makes no sense.

I woke up with the most WTF dream I had in recent times. Good part is that I do remember most of it. Bad thing is as per usual with dreams, it doesn't make sense and makes me question why I didn't see things being out of ... touch with reality in dream scapes XD;;

But then, that's how dreams go isn't it?

I was traveling with my family to visit distant relatives whom I don't really know. My little brother was driving us in a clunky old van into some sort of backwater area inside... a forest? @.@

And I remember vividly my middle brother was trying to smuggle his PS3 along without my Mum knowing ( he was complaining that it will be extremeeeeeely boring there )

Oh well. The scenery outside the van window gives me vertigo. Why are we driving uphills suddenly? @A@

We drove pass a small village along the way as we neared our destination. Wooden houses were everywhere. I feel like I was back in local old town settlements circa the 1970s.

So we arrived at this big wooden... house.. of sort? That seems like a hotel more than anything with many rooms and we were supposed to stay there with said relative ( whom I still have no idea who the hell they are ) and a bunch of other travellers.

AND I SUDDENLY GOT THOSE SHONEN KINDAICHI NO JIKENBO ( or even Meitantei Conan ) VIBES. Reading mystery-murder manga had convinced me when you see familiar faces and/or a big group of OTHER PEOPLE who traveled together will results in murder by the next morning =.=;;

Lo! The other travelers were several interesting group of people whom me and brothers ended up hanging out with while my Grand Aunt reminiscent with said relative ( read : I got bored in my dreams lol )

Somehow the group of people I ended up with are... (tryingtotypewithoutburstingintolaughter) the TokiMemo GS2 dudes XDDDD;;; I remembered Saeki, Hariya and ... someone who vaguely looks like Majima and another guy in white school uniform. Why is the dude in a Japanese school uniform never occurred to me in my dream. I will laugh til I KRAI if the next TMGS has white school uniform for their school XDDD

( ...no wonder I wanna hang out with this group 8DDDDbbbb )

We ended up cooking for everyone. Okay, not WE, more like just TERU XD How did this somehow ended up like a camping trip I DON'T KNOW. I was channeling my best evil!Daisy vibe along with Hariri to make fun of him in apron. Teru got revenge by messing up my hard work when I was making pancakes >_>;;

I .. woke up soon after nearly late for work before the murder starts. Uhmm... thankfully? 8D;;;

The dream is entirely stupid. But maybe it is telling me to be less boring in life and be more in touch with my general fandoms?

... NOT!

( I missed TMGS2 suddenly though ;A; )

Okay, maybe I should just go out more.

That reminds me... where's the Vampire Knight DS game? :\

And oh HAY THERE! HYDE VAMPS new single! 8D

Very uninspiring video though >_>;; ( hahaha I love the ROENTGEN series videos even though I hated his platinum blonde hair there? ;D ) But the song is fun to listen to :3 Somehow I missed L'Arc~en~Ciel so much I can't find the energy to be overly excited over each members' solo projects? :\

Some fan I am XD;; ( I feel bad but I was more excited over UVERworld's new album *AwakEVE* than any recent VAMPS releases *coughs*)
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