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Image post because I'm bored

.. and because I might not be able to access LJ when I get to ShenZhen starting next Monday for two months orz So yeah, deal with the abuse now y0 8DD;;;

First off, guess what I'd just got \8DD/ ( courtesy of dearest Genne who dashes to and fro Kinokuniya all the time 8DD )

VAMPS Monthly Vol. 8
Somehow.. I can't seem to stop buying this. Well, there's like ... 4 more issues to go anyway >.>

My ossan so pretty *___* I planned to slobber all over this issue but my boss walked in. Ho-hummm :\

Since I declared "OH GAWD LOCKON YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT TO MY POOR SETCHAN! D:<" two weeks ago ( episode #20 ) this little bugger had not been sticking well to my monitor :\ Maybe it's trying to tell me something? Yeah sure, he got a bit ranked down in my 00-love-list after what happened but there's no need for such drama mmmkay, Lockon?

Uhhh yeah don't ask me why there's no Tieria here *headdesk*

I'm having horrible flu and is feeling miserable now damnit! T__T I wished I can throw a flu-drama as epic as Howl. But I'm at work, and will probably get socked on the head by others. WOES. *continue to make tissue-wantan*

ETA : Guh, flu-wreck brain is so not working but..


ME ME ME ME MEMEMEHEEEEEEEEEE &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts ( and about 13 others in the same row. w00t! )
Tags: !fangirl : hot ossan, anime : gundam 00, hyde, my short ossan looks badass

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