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薄桜鬼 drama CD jacket illustrations

Got the head-up from Kazuki Yone's blog and the found these on Amazon.co.jp \(>o<)/ギャーッ!

薄桜鬼 ドラマCD 〜新選組捕物控〜
Uuuuu... S-souji ;A; Saitou and most importantly, ONI-FUKUCHOUUUUUUUU &hearts &hearts &hearts ( I just realised I missed Souji a lot ;A; Souji with his neko-grin waaaaaaa )

薄桜鬼 ドラマCD 〜新選組捕物控〜

Shinpacchan, Sano, Heisuke trio and A SMILING KAZAMA? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ~~~~ Not that evil mocking smile. But just ... *brain sizzles* ( And ahhhh Sano, why so ikemen? キャー(>ω<*) )


And they're in the Shinsengumi haori which I tend to be irrationally spazzy over aaaaaaaaa

But I'd already decided that I'm far too broke to order anything and THESE ARE NOT HELPING *headdesk headdesk headdesk* This will be out in MARCH. Bu-but ...


March 11th + 25th : 薄桜鬼 ドラマCD~新撰組捕物控~前編 + 薄桜鬼 ドラマCD~新撰組捕物控~後編
March 25th: L'Arc~en~Ciel DOCUMENTARY FILMS 〜Trans ASIA via PARIS〜
April : Calendar Character's Mobile Suit Gundam 00 12 Months Gundam 00 Box
May : Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds concert @ Singapore
May : L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS <-- HK edition DVD, here I come 8D;;;
August : Mayday live in Singapore 8D;; <-- I bought the flight ticket already lulz
Delayed release : 薄桜鬼 薄桜鬼 ー新撰組奇譚ー イラストブック ~百花繚乱~ hotbook artbook ;A;

* Those with links are the ones that I'd ordered/confirmed and will not be able to back out OHOOOOO *is bricked*

As you can see I already gave up on HYDE BEST ALBUM and VAMPS' new single 8D;; HAHA OSSAN I'M SORRY, MY PRIORITIES ARE KINDA NOT WITH YOU THIS TIME 8DD;;;;;

ETA : Found the drama CD contents from Amazon.co.jp 8DDDDD/


Lousy translation by me :

One early afternoon as Souji was playing with a bunch of kids in Shinsengumi quarters. Embraced by the warm sunshine, Souji fell asleep while he was on the job to look after the Shinsengumi uniform drying under the sun. When he woke up, the uniform that is like the life of the Shinsengumi members were gone--. Who is the culprit and where in the world are the haori? Despite the noise and chaos, this story paints a regular day of the lives of the Shinsengumi members.

AHAHAHAH OH GAWD I WANT THIS SO BAD NOW JUST SO I CAN HEAR THE EPIC BITCHERY FROM THE ONI-FUKUCHOU. Oh Souji, messed things up because he FELL ASLEEP ON WATCH AHAHAHAHAHAA XDD How are you gonna live that down Mr. Prodigy Swordsman? XDDDD more likely he'll just shrug it off and make Heisuke do the dirty work XDD

Goddamnit, and here I was thinking these are serious drama tracks -- which I'm not too interested in since I probably can't understand a thing they're saying. BUT THIS IS A CRACK DRAMA TRACK OF SORT. OH GOD. PROTECT MY PURSE FROM MY INSANE FANGIRL FITS, PRZ. orz orz orz
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