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Uhmmm.. Look who's back? 8D;;;;


( ´ ▽ ` )ノ タダイマァ

I'd been back from China for a good two weeks now but had been too tired busy LAZY to do much, much less blogging on LJ @.@; Two whole months of not being able to access LJ made me ... kinda... ignored it now @.@; gave up trying to read up two whole months worth of F-list on the 3rd pages

But the thing that drove me to get off my procrastination and actually post something is .... THIS! 8DDDDbbbb

...somehow I can't get my phone-cam to focus properly @.@ BUT! ISN'T SETCHAN JUST DARLINGGGG HERE? 8DDD

They're hereeeee <3 My Gundam 00 Character Calendar figurines <3

After waiting and waiting and worrying for two whole weeks thinking it had been lost in the mails or something ( ̄へ ̄)I nearly jumped on my colleague when she walked back from the front door telling me my parcel finally reached ( why yes, I had been whining A LOT about this >.> )

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Here is how the whole box looks like. It can be folded once opened to look like those cake-boxes with a handle @.@

I proceed to spend a good hour or more after lunch assembling all the twelve of it @.@ Jan!Setsuna's arm gave me a horrible problem though. I can't seem to put it in properly because his scarf is in the way but he's easily the cutest so it's okaaaaaaaay *coughs* Thankfully my boss isn't in today 8D;;

And so now I have an army of chibi Gundam Meisters on my workstation XDDD


Well since it's hard to take picture of them all together, I'll break it into three sets :

The pilots set. I love how Setsuna has his scarf lolol

The tuxedo set. Tchan has a pink rose on his suit XDD

The summer cloths set? I love how everyone minus Tieria has something on their singlet lolol. I think I love this set the most because they're ridiculously adorable XDD

Uhm. So... the first post I made after months of hiatus is... STILL about Gundam 00? WHICH BY THE WAY IS REALLY AWESOME I LOVE THE SERIES SO DAMNED MUCH ZOMG DESPITE IT'S FAIRY DUST EXPLAINATIONS AND ALL I had not fell in love with a series for a very very long time @.@ And this is possibly the first ever anime series I followed weekly when it's still running orz

I'd finally ran out of excuse not to watch series my friends watches and recommends now oh noes D:


I'm going to Singapore this weekend for Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds concert this weekend! &hearts &hearts &hearts I can NOT wait! Heyyyy dream_raine and rei_kurasaki! I wonder if we can meet up sometime during then XDbbb ( but i'll be flying in Saturday morning and out on Sunday evening... guh, I hope this won't be an rushed exhausting trip @.@;; )

Oh snap. I haven't exchange money. Better do it tonight @.@;
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