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Oi Otomate!

How much damage you intend to do to my frail otome heart? D: I didn't check your website for some time because stupid China firewall decides not to like you and when I do now, I see so MANY shiney new things that I will probably fangirl over D: D: D: D: D:

So Hakuouki will be re-released in PSP platform and another new/extra(?) game for the PS2 in August. Huhhhhhhh I wonder who will go crazy again comes August :\

And they'd updated the PSP site with a top image ( it may be old, but this is the first time I'm seeing it and here I am going HEEEEEE HEEEEEEE SANO-SANNNNNN )


I wonder will there be new CG/content for the PSP version since that one is most definitely a direct port from the first game :3

And with Hakuouki Zuisouroku, my dictionary tells me it means Hakuouki : Collection of Miscellaneous Thoughts What I reaaaaaally hope it'll contain are more Shinsengumi HQ hijinks. BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE LULZ. PRZ TO BE MAKING FUN OF FUKUCHOU MORE, SOUJI! And remember the WTF?! medical examination CG? 8DDDbbbb

This picture made me happy and sad at the same time, remembering how emo I get when I get the normal/Kazama ED and knowing EXACTLY how the Shinsengumi ends T.T

Aduih, muka mengada Souji orz And Saitou looks like he's not awake yet XD;;;

*cough* And now! For a change of entertainment channel!

I'm totally digging their L2 LovexLoop artwork though @.@ And it's an RPG + otoge of sort so it shouldn't be half as boring as your regular Otomate fare T.T Too bad chance of it being localised to English is pretty much ZERO.

On a totally shallow note, I'm really wanna play their S.Y.K 〜新説西遊記〜 ( S.Y.K. Shinketsu Saiyuki ). This might be the first time ever I'll end up fangirling Sha Gojyo the kappa lolololololol. Seiyuus aren't listed yet. I'm all ready for you to break my fangirl mind. Bring it on, Otomate! XDDD

Oh lookie they even have a brand new Hiiro no Kakera that is more ... urban than the usual traditional Japanese jinja feel? @.@ My friend Yeannie might be interested in this.. *goes off to plug*

And oh, I'd just got my Hakuouki Official Illust book yesterday from Genne ( after so many months of being stuck with her since I was in China T.T ) And it kinda resparked my fangirl-ness for them Shinsengumi men TwT I'm a bit miffed there's no new artwork minus the cover image and the poster it comes with. But there are some interesting notes on the initial characters' design and BESTEST OF ALL? What the Shinsengumi members think of each other XDDD ( most of everyone re: Hijikata = OMG ONI FUKUCHOU RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU PISS HIM OFF!but uhh he's a really cool guy afterall. And what everyone says about Heisuke makes me want to pat Puppy-chan on the head ;A; )

I need to go through the Suikoden Tierkreis characters guide aimo lent me as well.. and you know.. not just focus on Asad's profiles and extra story because it'll just be him embarrassing himself in front of Chrodechild, I'm sure, I don't even need to read it.
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