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meme because I hate morning and I need to amuse myself ;A;

Ganked from rei_kurasaki who gave the bestest answers to every series she got tagged for &hearts Gintoki for president amiriteee?

Name a series and I'll tell you the character(s) I would:

1. Bake cupcakes for:
2. Trust with the keys to my car:
3. Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
4. Have a crush on:
5. Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
6. Vote for President:
7. Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
8. Pair up:
9. Vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. Wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:

Uhm, I need to state in advance I haven't watch anime for quite some time and they're kinda of sporadic manner. Series I actually watched : Gundam 00 ( duh! ), Code Geass ( Apparently I'm masochist for Sunrise mind screw ), Karas, Ouran, Mononoke .. uhh.. the old FMA and Blood+ 8D;; There are better chance with manga though because I go through a whole bunch of them weekly XD;;; ( And games, there's always games XD )

Also! 薄桜鬼 随想録 ( Hakuouki Zuisouroku ) gallery updated with TWO new images XDD Okitaaaaaa &hearts Sano-saaaaaan &hearts

Seriously, Okita, when do you NOT have a "I JUST PLANNED SOMETHING EVIL" look on your face? 8D;;; And the angle is really rather suspicious.. D8

Sano-san, the ladies man being all nice as usual XD Also, as long as he's in his wafuku, I'm a happy fangirl XDDD He's the ONLY character that I actually prefer his original set of clothes to the western uniform hur hur *bricked*

I wanna play Zuisouroku sooooo bad &hearts &hearts &hearts But with my semi failing command of the Japanese language recently... wish me luck T.T
Tags: games : hakuouki, meme

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