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You know, with twitter I seem to be slowly abandoning my LJ @.@; Whooops?

So I had been really really sick since Monday last week? @.@; I got better now thankfully.

The amount of doctor visits I had last week is enough to drive me broke early of the month. And it's kind of embarrassing to keep submitting various medical leave certs to the admin at work since there had been SO MANY separate ones since I thought I will get better the next day? >.>

The point of this post? Uhmmmm. None at all? Except that I want to post this dumb image here 8DDDbbb

The Celestial Being medical cert! ( based off my own, actually 8DDD;;; )

What S1!T-chan did in the VEDA's record before locking Alle away for his screwups despite Dr. Moreno's protest. I'm sure he has one for Setsuna somewhere too..

O-okay fine! I have no excuse. I'm just lame, kaaay? I'm actually amused by my own MC now, FML. Oh gawd I need a life >.> ( and less Gundam 00 )

PS: A friend of mine is going to Tokyo end of this month. I'm gonna try to Jedi-mindtrick him into taking picture of the Giant Gundam in Odaiba for me 8DDDDbbbbb
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