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薄桜鬼 随想録 - 沖田総司 【下】

So I'd finished Souji's route ( a few days back actually ) and started chapter 1 for Heisuke 8D;; but I had been too busy to continue since then @.@;

沖田 恋情想起 三

This one took place around the time when Souji's health is taking turn for the worse. Sanran-san approached Hijikata one evening and dropped hint that maybe the Ochimizu might save Souji's life at this point. Hijikata got extremely angry and ended up arguing with Sanran. He then sent Chizuru, who was there all along to check up on Souji ( just so that she won't have to hear them both yelling at each other methink XD;; )

Chizuru realised that Souji had not touched his food which was left near the door when she was there and started trying to make a very sulky and stubborn Souji eat. Apparently Yamazaki had been saying the same thing the day before when he came to collect the dishes ^^; In order to persuade him to eat, Chizuru told Souji that she'll make him his favourite food. Souji was all "NUUUU I TOLD YOU I HAVE NO APPETITE TO EAT okay-i-wanna-okayu-with-loads-of-daikon-radishes..."

For those who has no idea what's okayu ( like me ), apparently it's some sort of porridge ( LOL yes I actually googled for okayu whuuuuuuuu Hakuouki why do you make me do this TAT )

He said he'll refuse to eat it if it's not good enough. Very mengada, Okita-kun >.>

沖田 恋情想起 四

I actually liked this event a lot. Because you get to (hear?) see a very pissed off Yamazaki XDD Event took place in Osaka when Souji was sent away to be taken care of by Matsumoto-sensei due to his illness. Chizuru walked into the room one night when she heard Yamazaki losing his temper in a very.. un-Yamazaki manner XD ( he's usually cool and collected albeit being really rather strict. Very Saitou-ish actually XD ). From Kitan story, we got to know that Hijikata sent Yamazaki along with Okita and Chizuru to look after the both of them while Okita is recovering from his silver bullet wound.

Yamazaki : Would you quit it ALREADY!!!
Okita : Is this any way you talk to a superior officer?!
Yamazaki : I would if you actually behave like one! <-- Oh Yamazaki, you have no idea how much I love you for this line XDDD
Okita : I bet you're hoping and wishing that your superior officer here is HIJIKATA!
Chizuru : Uhmmm both of you, please calm down... (=A=);;

The shouting match continued a bit more until they both turned to Chizuru and asked who does she think that was at wrong there XDD LOLOLOL this whole exchange was almost childish XD ( Yamazaki was actually annoyed that Souji had been ignoring doctor's order to rest more and was running around. And Souji obviously wasn't too happy to be told to sit still and do nothing. )

Eventually Yamazaki apologised for his outburst and left the room leaving Chizuru alone with Souji. Chizuru tried to make sure Okita rest early before excusing herself when Souji said :

沖田 総司
添い寝とかしてくれないの?」 Chizuru-chan, since you're here already why don't we sleep together? :3

雪村 チズル
全然わかりません……!」 What the hell do you mean by that??! AKJSHKJDHKS ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

NO CG HERE GAIZ THIS IS NOT FAIR :((((( One of my favourite Okita event has no CG. WOES.

沖田 恋情想起 五

After Kaoru forced Chizuru to take the Ochimizu. So she's now pretty much Rasetsu-ed as well. Both Chizuru and Souji were rushing to head back to Edo to aid Kondou who was captured. Chizuru was forcing herself to ignore the pain on her body moving along during bright daylight. Souji noticed that she had been forcing herself and insisted that she should take a rest even though he's worried about Kondou. When Chizuru kept insisting that she's okay and they should continue the journey ...


沖田 恋情想起 七

"...Okita-san. SEKUHARA DA YO."

..is what I'll say if they're not born like, a 100 years+ ago from present time XD;;;; Event took place after their kiss in Kitan.

Souji was teasing Chizuru shamelessly by asking her why did she let him kissed her the other time and would she do the same again ( let him do it again? idk memory's fuzzy, it was 3am okay? ) or push him away. Tsk, Souji ebilllllll.

Totally flustered, Chizuru answered "DEPENDS ON TIME AND PLACE!"

Obviously, since it's Souji, he asked something along the line of "Well, what about NOW?" XD;;

沖田 恋情想起 八

Event took place after the ending in Kitan. I'll just let Souji's dialogue says it all XD

沖田 総司
君と婚姻でも結ぼうと思う」  Hey. Isn't it about time for us to get married?

And see Chizuru goes "Souji-san WHAAAAATTTTT @.@" at him XDD It's kinda cute to see her call him Souji-san :3 Which obviously makes Souji happy anyway judging by his reaction. And he himself had dropped the '-chan' prefix when he called out to Chizuru. His proposal is kinda hilarious that way. And true to his usual horrible way, he told Chizuru that as husband and wife, she pretty much have to endure much much more of his teasing and selfishness from here after X3 ( Okay to be fair there's a fair bit of lovey dovey-ness here too XDD )

Uhhhh I feel kinda mean if I post the finale CG, so ehhh no CG post for this one here *hides*

In case anyone's wondering, I didn't forget event 6 XD; There's no CG if I remembered correctly, and Souji was reminiscing about how Kondou was such a huge influence on him ;3;
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