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OHAI. I'm back from my hiatus. Taiwan and Mayday was awesome and my friends and me were extremely lucky to be showered with awesome weather when we were there from the 24th-29th September ( The typhoon hit Taipei about a day after we left @.@; ) And guess what's my first LJ post is about after the break?

That's right folks! It's STILL Hakuouki! *is bricked*

Since I took my long break from the game I have no idea whose story I should start on ( I stopped finishing Okita and Heisuke's route several weeks ago ). Thus I decides to tackle 事件想起ニ/Jiken Souki 2/Memories 2 instead since it's a new Zuisouroku exclusive event ( The cat rampage one was the first one XD ) Plus, you get to unlock Kazama's route finally from here. ( and got the missing CGs for Souji and Heisuke's albums )

Synopsis : Chizuru was informed by Sen-hime that there had been some suspicious gathering of rounin in the Shimabara district ( yanno, the hanamachi/ red light district ). And among those people gathering, someone that looks like Chizuru's father had been spotted by an acquaintance of Sen-hime there. Worried by the information, ( which both involves her ( father ) and the Shinsengumi's works of keeping the peace in the streets of Edo ), Chizuru passed the information to the rest of the Shinsengumi heads and they ended up planning to dig out what's happening there.

I love the fact that Shinpachhan was obviously overly HAPPY and jumped straight at the idea of having to be at Shimabara ON OFFICIAL ORDER OMG XD But Hijikata and Kondou were worried how they will be able to wheedle information out of the people there because since the geisha(s) are in a very tight knit community and will probably never say anything out of their usual work due to their professionalism/loyalty to client(?) etc etc.

Shinpachi : Ah Hijikata-san! How about if we do this..
Hijikata : Hn? You have any good idea?
Shinpachi : With my beautiful body, I shall go seduce all the pretty ladies there and make them tell us news about these strange people!
Hijikata : ....taking you seriously was an idiotic mistake on my part 「……てめえなんその話を、真面目に聞こうした俺は馬鹿だった」

When Chizuru offered to help out getting into Shimabara ( dressing up as a geisha and sneaking in with help of Sen and co. ), I loved Heisuke's reaction XDD He was totally against it saying things like "You have no idea what sort of guys that hang around there! They're all drunks! What if anything happened??!!" ( *coughs* Heisuke? Your two BFF are regular patrons there and so are like, nearly all the men in Shinsengumi, regular or not :P )


Oh Souji, you're still a jerkass. His reaction is the complete opposite of Heisuke XD

Okita : Isn't it just as well? It sounds fun. I mean, I can't really imagine how she'll look as a geisha/female afterall :3


Also, Chizuru was so cute being happy and worried at the same time wondering if she'll look strange in such a glamourous looking kimono since she'd been dressing up as a guy for agesssss XDDD

( At this point, I can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Chizuru's transformation XDDD )

Chizuru's thoughts : The moment I stepped into the hall, the entire room went as quiet as water...


HEISUKE SHOKKU! : Na- Naa, this person standing there.. is it really you, Chizuru? @.@ ( LOL Heisuke started to blush furiously and looks frantically around so to not look at Chizuru XDDD )

Chizuru : I-is it strange? @.@;;

Kondou SHOKKU! : N-no, it's not strange. It's just that with this sort of kimono and makeup, you're completely different from the usual you @.@

Hijikata ( is not shokku! :( ) : It looks good on you. And no one will ever recognise you if you walk out like this

Okita : Heeehh .. what a transformation. For a moment, I had no idea who was it :3

Sanosuke : .. well she was pretty to begin with. You look beautiful, Chizuru! ( he actually said something along the line that if the 'foundation' was good to begin with, this shouldn't be surprising. GJ, Mr. Ladies-Man! )

Shinpachi DAIIIII SHOKKUUUU! : W-What is this lie? What had I been looking at all these time---?!


And of course there are several branches about the event after Chizuru ended up in Shimabara itself. Which I'll probably make another post on them because I already got so long winded here ( and so far the events are equal part AWWWW and LOL for me. Massive AWWWWW part is from Heisuke ( even his CG there is kinda meeeh ). Sano's chapter ending event was massive LOL for me XD And Hijikata's had me going HA HA HA OH GJ, FUKUCHOU! I haven't gone through Saitou's and OMG, Yamazaki's yet ( I'm sure it doesn't involves badminton though )

And Kazama. Hmmm, Kazama. He likes to say really rather disturbing things. Just saying. But it was kinda cute and adorable tooo gaaaaaah Otomate what are you doing to meeeeee????!
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