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Hakuouki Zuisouroku 『 事件想起 二 』

I-I need to be less scatterbrain and remember that I have all these text typed out and saved on draft and just click the POST IT, DAMNIT button instead of leaving it to mold for more than a week >.> Anyway, Zuisouroku event #2! 8D

Basically all events will have Chizuru sneak in Shimabara as a geisha [ 島原に潜入する ]. Here, things branched out for several different characters' events :

1. Writes a letter back to the headquarter -> unlocks Hijikata, Okita or Kazama events
2. Report the situation immediately -> unlocks Saitou or Yamazaki events
3. Feels discouraged ( by the turn of events ).. -> unlocks Heisuke or Sano events

Huu huu being the fangirl I am, of course I'll play Event 1 first 8DDvvv

#1 In which Okita gained another fearsome reputation

Man 1 : Y-you're Okita of the Shinsengumi! I will avenge my brother's death tonight with yours!
Okita : Oh I'm sorry? Who is it that you were talking about? I can't possibly remember all the names and faces of those whom I'd fell with my blade, y'know.
Chizuru : *frozen with fright* WHY ARE YOU TAUNTING THEM, OKITA-SAN?!
Okita : Stay behind me okay? :3

Me : Kyaaaaaaa Soujiiii ~~~ *fangirls*


Several days after this event when Souji and his troops were patrolling the street, all he heard was people whispering in his direction saying how this fearsome young Shinsengumi captain took care of 10 swordsman easily on his own.

Souji sighed and was bitching how he wished people would not just remember him for this one detail, but the other detail about how he was doing all this to protect a very cute girl XDD

#2 In which Hijikata will gain YET another err.. fearsome(??!) reputation

After Chizuru successfully managed to get out of the inn where she's at, she ran into Hijikata. Both of them decided to head back to he HQ to prepare the counterattack against the plot against Shinsengumi when a bunch of err.. bouncers(?! idk kay?) appeared..

Man 1 : Oi Onii-san, where do you think you're going with one of our girls? ( referring to Chizuru as a geisha )
Hijikata : Tsk. We stood out too much.
Man 2 : Heh obviously someone doesn't know the rules around the hanamachi here
Hijikata :
Man 3 : Just who do you think are eh, buddy. Running away with the girls here just like this?

*more and more curious onlookers gathered and Hijikata is getting pissed because he didn't want the rebels in the inn to notice the Shinsengumi had gotten wind of their plans*


Hijikata : …just who do I think I am?
Hijikata : I am HIJIKATA TOSHIZOU OF THE SHINSENGUMI! I can take out any woman I fancy I damned well please!

Me : Kyaaaaaaa Fukuchouuuuuuuu ~~~ *fangirls x 1000000000*

After this event, it had became a popular topic on the street that Hijikata of the Shinsengumi ran off with a geisha from Shimabara XD; It was so audacious as well as WTF the whole Shimabara's talking about it. Chizuru could hear the geishas talking to each other saying "Oh I wonder who's the lucky girl! I wished I was the one Hijikata-sama ran off with!"

Hijikata : … damnit. I don't think I can set a foot in Shimabara for the next few months until this whole thing blows over now =.=

In which Kazama can't stop teasing his 'future wife'


Kazama : Hmm.. you don't look half bad in female clothing. Fitting indeed for my future wife.
Kazama : *calmly* It's eventual, anyway.

T-these two makes such a pair of tsundere-couple I can't help but to LIKE Kazama despite him being a jerk in most of the others' routes ''orz. They bickered a bit more and Chizuru was just angrily and shamelessly asking what's his deal staying here etc etc. ( Of course, dialogues are from what I can remember, and is not entirely accurate kthxbai )

Chizuru : So what evil plot are you all hatching here anyway?
Kazama : Military secret and all those stuff. I can't simply just tell them out now, can I?
Chizuru : ...
Kazama : The world works on equivalent trade system you know?
Chizuru : Huh?
Kazama : Pour me some wine and be nice and we'll talk >:D

Nuuuuuu stop it Otomate please please please don't make me like Kazama when I used to spend almost every other routes in Kitan hating himmmmmm!! ( tbh, I liked his ED a lot T.T Depressing Shinsengumi stuff aside.. )

Guh my eyes are hurting and yet I still wanna play games ''orz ( Anyway, the PS3 is currently in my apartment ohohooo. It's hard to resist yanno! )
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