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This is my fangirly post.

So I started playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story.

There had been a whole loads of gross fangirling and stupid RAGEEEEEEE towards the game over at Twitter with piratelicker. Actually the RAGEEEE part was built up since April; the moment Konami revealed the shota-sensei but he does not exist in my perfect Habataki world ( as for as I am concerned, Himuro is still my class teacher lololol )

My playthrough without a guide was major torture though since I'm aiming for the Prince-chara so I guess I'll have to work all the stats to 120-150 and above '''orz (idk why everytime I play TMGS my Charm para are the hardest to level up ''orz ) For those on Twitter, I suggest you avoid piratelicker and me for the moment because we're both going after both the Sakurai siblings and you get screams of "RUKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" (from me) and "ANIKIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" (from her) - alternately every few mins *bricked*

Ruka. Sakurai Ruka is WEIRDDDDDD for a Prince-chara. He's unreliable and you get the feeling that he's lying 99% of the time but uhyooooo his CGs are sooooo pretty I forget he's Gintoki sometimes (major brain breakage for me because I keep seeing Gintoki every now and then in the game lolololol ) And Konami is absolutely evil for introducing the Love Triangle mode and dedicated TWO pages of album CGs for Triangle-exclusive CG aaaaaaa why you want me to break Aniki's heart Konamiiiiiiiii /gross

( and I'm OCD about them albums so you know I'll spend 120695695867 hours trying to get it all sobs )

I'm really not used to this unPrincely Prince chara Terurin come bacccccckkkkkk D:

A strange and interesting thing I noticed about the three Prince(s) from the three games though from GS1-GS3. All the three of them do not watch TV hahahaha.

Kei's (GS1) TV went dead and he never bothered to fix it. Teru (GS2) has no time to watch TV because he works at Sangosho at night and then he will spend the rest of his free time studying (uwaaa Terurin I missed youuuu ). And Ruka just.. doesn't own one XD;;;

*coughs* At least I'm not doing stupid back stories for the characters yet unlike a certain fandom I'm in ...
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