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More GS3 gross fangirling


On my first playthrough too yayyy. Apparently i have ages of experience bullying Teru into getting his ED working on the Prince chara I can guess what they like even without double checking the guides lololol /not something to be proud of.

But i'm missing two of his Date album CGs WHRYYYYYYYYYYYY. According to the wiki here, they're the 3rd year Jan and Valentine CG. WHAT VALENTINE CG RUKA WHY YOUUUU. YOU DONT LIKE THAT 3-HEARTS NATURAL CHOCO ISSIT?! [ Note: I hate the new Valentine mini game SFM ]

Anyway, for Ruka's ED my end parameter are all above 110 ( roughly 160 Study, 178 Art, 156 Fashion, 126 Sports, 134 Social, 110 Charm -- Bambi graduated being top of her class too heh )

I think at this point of time, I'm still more biased to Teru from GS2. No one had ever given me so much stress near ending of the game except that Drama Queen with his 31st Jan Tragedy GDI ( and so much plays wasted because goddamned Choppu refused to show up at the goddamned lighthouse cuz my Charm para is -2 to 110 /flips table )

Teru's more fun than Ruka though, somehow. Maybe I'll like Ruka more if I actually concentrate on the Triangle/Pride VS Pride mode but ehhh. We'll see how far my OCD takes me. Ruka's CGs are definitely very very very pretty though :3 ( His X'mas CG aaaaaaaaa! ) Also, since Teru, I get all nervous that Ruka will pull another TRAGEDI 31 JANUARI on me post his X'mas event cuz he's all broody alluva sudden '''orz

But GS3 ED is kinda nostalgic cuz it takes place at the church and aaaaaaa the GS1 stained glass backdrop again :3

IDK what to do next. Go back to my Triangle mode ON save file and start balancing Ruka and Aniki's para or just give up and try to stalk Tamao-senpai uhihihihihihi /gross

Hmmm... GS3 makes me all blogging-friendly again? LOL
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