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20 July 2010 @ 02:44 pm
Let's Talk Tokimemo! Again!  
So finally I had a weekend that does not require me to work or run up and down doing errands. Took Friday off after my eye checkup to have a longer weekend because I felt like I kinda ... deserve a break after the crazy rush for the project I was working on.

I spent the whole Friday sleeping like a hibernating bear, the whole Saturday reading and reading and reading on the bed (I'd made my way through the entire Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones in about a week or so -- and loved every single one of it! Minus Witch Week, cuz I don't like Charles and the only one I'm missing now is Lives of Christopher Chant cuz the bookstores doesn't have it :( )

So Sunday was deemed the gaming day. After finishing TMGS3 Ruka's route two weeks ago, I barely touched the DS cuz I was rushing for work day in and out. I finally pulled my DS out and pondered for some time whether I should get that two missing CGs from his Date album or just give it up and start a brand new game on another character ( Tamao-senpaaaaaiiiiii!!! )

But my OCD got the better out of me and I rolled back my mid-Year 3 save files and started playing around with the Ruka-Kou Triangle mode along the way. After at least 3 unsuccessful attempt comes Year 3 January (HELLO GS3, WHERE IS MY HOSPITAL CG? ) I finally figure out that I need to balance up the Ruka-Kou Triangle mode to at least :D for both and THEN break it in Ruka's favour before the delinquent event took place ''orz Finally! I have every bloody CG from Ruka's solo album ( and because I'm OCD like that, I went back in mid Year 3 once more to get the Winter version of the PvP CG lololol. I managed to get the Summer version kinda by accident; even though I was trying to get it the evening before and it REFUSED to work )

So now I managed to collect every single solo and 3P Ruka CG lololol ( except his Best Friend ED CG; and the rest of the CGs missing from his shared album are from Kou's side ) But aaaaaa I don't care anymore I wanna start a new game!

Which I did. And now I'm going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Tamao-senpaiiiii! A LOT. Mainly because I like him in his yukata. And I like his Christmas suit even more than Ruka's (i actually hate the sorta shiney ver Ruka and TERU wore ) AND THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL CG. Where he wasn't wearing his glasses ahihihihiiiiii ( he reminds me a bit of Waka-chan whom i'm totally biased to.



And just for my own references...

1. First Meeting (Automatic)
2. Sea view from Ruka's Room ( Year 1 October; Automatic? -- Ruka took Bambi to West Beach for the first time )
3. Jump from the 1st Floor (WTF, Ruka. REALLY. Year 1 April; Automatic )
4. Fight ( Winter; Automatic? -- Ruka drags Bambi to go shopping and they ran into some of Ruka's 'friends' )
5. Walking the Tightrope ( Again I must say. WTF, RUKA. Summer uniform; para : Friends :) )
6. School Festival - Drama ( Year 3 School Festival; para : Like & above )
7. School Trip ( Year 2 School trip. para : Like & above )
8. Cafe - Winter version
9. Cafe - Summer version

[ DATE ]
1. Sakura Sou ( Spring; date @ 森林公園 but NOT during HANAMI season ''orz GDI, I kept thinking it's during the sakura viewing and missed this CG earlier wtfff )
2. Hero's Mask ( Summer; Fireworks date; para : Above Like )
3. Onigiri ( Autumn; date @ Amusement Park; para : Above Like. HEEEE RUKA WHATCHOO DOING!!!!111!!)
4. The Sea ( May; after date @ 繁華街 ; para: Above Like. Okay this one got me spazzing for a bit cuz it caught me off guard lololol )
5. Christopher? ( Winter; date @ the ranch ; para: Normal. Haha this one reminds me of a cross between Teru and Chris the Fairy Prince from TMGS2 )
6. Hospital ( Year 3 January; para: Above Like; Kou must be at least :D before you break off the △mode. This stupid CG took me foreverrrrrr! )
7. Chocolate ( Year 3 Valentine; para: Above Like. Must get previous CG and go visit Ruka in the hospital )
8. Christmas ( Year 3 post Christmas party; para: above Like )

[ SHARED ALBUM RUKA-KOU -- only that i'm Ruka biased here ]
1. Bike ( Year 1 June ; Automatic )
2. Family Restaurant ( March-April ; Street area after the 3P date. Ruka's para > Kou )
4. Ruka's Room date [ Winter; Ruka > Kou ]
6. Fireworks [ Year 3 Summer. Ruka + Kou para above Like. No prior 3P date for fireworks ]
7. Relay ( Sports Festival. Ruka + Kou para above Friends. Join anything except 3 Legged Race )
8. Crabs ( Year 2 School Trip )
9. Two-Shots ( Year 3 Cultural Festival. Ruka + Kou above Friends. Charm para over 100. BLOODY SCARY PIC, THIS LOLOL )
10. Cultural Festival ( Year 3 School . Ruka + Kou above Like )
11. Cultural Festival 2 ( continuation from above event )
12. 3 Person's Christmas ( Year 3 Xmas. Ruka + Kou above Like
15. PvP mode activation ( Winter Uniform ver ; Ruka's Danger )
16. PvP mode activation ( Summer Uniform ver ; Ruka's Danger )



INCEPTION IS BRILLIANT <3 and I would like to have its crazy dreamscape babies ( and to quote deaxolff, it's FUCKYEAHMENINSUITS : The Movie. UNF. )
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(Anonymous) on August 28th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
Tokimeki dates
Hello~~ Thank you for posting this into your LJ. I really, really appreciate it. Currently, I'm all bout Ruka.. love the hair...>v<

But I have a question...how to do 3 people dating? I tried to date with Ruka and Kou on the same day...but it's impossible...

Help!! >^
☆★☆ i will show to you the stars ☆★☆: hakuoukihydeism on August 29th, 2010 06:25 am (UTC)
Re: Tokimeki dates
Hihi i think you're talking about the 3P Date mode. For that to happen, when you check the 3P Tokimeki panel from Miyo, make sure that both the guys are quite close to the heroine (distance from her) and both their status should be above Good Friend mode [ :D/Orange and above]

After that, one of the guys will suggest to you saying that you should all hang out together. During date calls, you can choose the option of 3 Person or 2 Person Only. You only need to call one of the guys; they will inform the other one about the plan so you didn't hv to worry about calling them both.

Hope this helps!