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Let's Talk Tokimemo! Again!

So finally I had a weekend that does not require me to work or run up and down doing errands. Took Friday off after my eye checkup to have a longer weekend because I felt like I kinda ... deserve a break after the crazy rush for the project I was working on.

I spent the whole Friday sleeping like a hibernating bear, the whole Saturday reading and reading and reading on the bed (I'd made my way through the entire Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones in about a week or so -- and loved every single one of it! Minus Witch Week, cuz I don't like Charles and the only one I'm missing now is Lives of Christopher Chant cuz the bookstores doesn't have it :( )

So Sunday was deemed the gaming day. After finishing TMGS3 Ruka's route two weeks ago, I barely touched the DS cuz I was rushing for work day in and out. I finally pulled my DS out and pondered for some time whether I should get that two missing CGs from his Date album or just give it up and start a brand new game on another character ( Tamao-senpaaaaaiiiiii!!! )

But my OCD got the better out of me and I rolled back my mid-Year 3 save files and started playing around with the Ruka-Kou Triangle mode along the way. After at least 3 unsuccessful attempt comes Year 3 January (HELLO GS3, WHERE IS MY HOSPITAL CG? ) I finally figure out that I need to balance up the Ruka-Kou Triangle mode to at least :D for both and THEN break it in Ruka's favour before the delinquent event took place ''orz Finally! I have every bloody CG from Ruka's solo album ( and because I'm OCD like that, I went back in mid Year 3 once more to get the Winter version of the PvP CG lololol. I managed to get the Summer version kinda by accident; even though I was trying to get it the evening before and it REFUSED to work )

So now I managed to collect every single solo and 3P Ruka CG lololol ( except his Best Friend ED CG; and the rest of the CGs missing from his shared album are from Kou's side ) But aaaaaa I don't care anymore I wanna start a new game!

Which I did. And now I'm going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Tamao-senpaiiiii! A LOT. Mainly because I like him in his yukata. And I like his Christmas suit even more than Ruka's (i actually hate the sorta shiney ver Ruka and TERU wore ) AND THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL CG. Where he wasn't wearing his glasses ahihihihiiiiii ( he reminds me a bit of Waka-chan whom i'm totally biased to.



And just for my own references...

1. First Meeting (Automatic)
2. Sea view from Ruka's Room ( Year 1 October; Automatic? -- Ruka took Bambi to West Beach for the first time )
3. Jump from the 1st Floor (WTF, Ruka. REALLY. Year 1 April; Automatic )
4. Fight ( Winter; Automatic? -- Ruka drags Bambi to go shopping and they ran into some of Ruka's 'friends' )
5. Walking the Tightrope ( Again I must say. WTF, RUKA. Summer uniform; para : Friends :) )
6. School Festival - Drama ( Year 3 School Festival; para : Like & above )
7. School Trip ( Year 2 School trip. para : Like & above )
8. Cafe - Winter version
9. Cafe - Summer version

[ DATE ]
1. Sakura Sou ( Spring; date @ 森林公園 but NOT during HANAMI season ''orz GDI, I kept thinking it's during the sakura viewing and missed this CG earlier wtfff )
2. Hero's Mask ( Summer; Fireworks date; para : Above Like )
3. Onigiri ( Autumn; date @ Amusement Park; para : Above Like. HEEEE RUKA WHATCHOO DOING!!!!111!!)
4. The Sea ( May; after date @ 繁華街 ; para: Above Like. Okay this one got me spazzing for a bit cuz it caught me off guard lololol )
5. Christopher? ( Winter; date @ the ranch ; para: Normal. Haha this one reminds me of a cross between Teru and Chris the Fairy Prince from TMGS2 )
6. Hospital ( Year 3 January; para: Above Like; Kou must be at least :D before you break off the △mode. This stupid CG took me foreverrrrrr! )
7. Chocolate ( Year 3 Valentine; para: Above Like. Must get previous CG and go visit Ruka in the hospital )
8. Christmas ( Year 3 post Christmas party; para: above Like )

[ SHARED ALBUM RUKA-KOU -- only that i'm Ruka biased here ]
1. Bike ( Year 1 June ; Automatic )
2. Family Restaurant ( March-April ; Street area after the 3P date. Ruka's para > Kou )
4. Ruka's Room date [ Winter; Ruka > Kou ]
6. Fireworks [ Year 3 Summer. Ruka + Kou para above Like. No prior 3P date for fireworks ]
7. Relay ( Sports Festival. Ruka + Kou para above Friends. Join anything except 3 Legged Race )
8. Crabs ( Year 2 School Trip )
9. Two-Shots ( Year 3 Cultural Festival. Ruka + Kou above Friends. Charm para over 100. BLOODY SCARY PIC, THIS LOLOL )
10. Cultural Festival ( Year 3 School . Ruka + Kou above Like )
11. Cultural Festival 2 ( continuation from above event )
12. 3 Person's Christmas ( Year 3 Xmas. Ruka + Kou above Like
15. PvP mode activation ( Winter Uniform ver ; Ruka's Danger )
16. PvP mode activation ( Summer Uniform ver ; Ruka's Danger )



INCEPTION IS BRILLIANT <3 and I would like to have its crazy dreamscape babies ( and to quote deaxolff, it's FUCKYEAHMENINSUITS : The Movie. UNF. )
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