June 10th, 2009

setsuna, gundam, 06: fandom

ASKDJK DSMHDHBFJ !!! 飛べ!ガンダム!!!

In response to deaxolff's entry

OMG OMG OMG Moona!!! They completed it! 8DDDDDDbbbbb

Picture from BBC NEWS Day in Pictures btw

I'd been following the progress of this via Kotaku with glee for the past months but seeing the completed pictures made me jadgjhagjhgfjhsgfhj A BIG HAPPY FANGIRL 8DDD Mainichi.jp has a gallery of pictures taken of this 18m tall RX78-2 for Gundam 30th Anniversary and it IS COMPLETELY AWESOME.

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Why am I not in Japan this summer? :(( I'd even missed Going Merry in Odaiba last time *headdesk x infinity*

Japan, why so awesome? ;A; But why are you taking this down after August 31st??!!!

PS : I nearly lynched a friend of mine alive yesterday when he complained "Why don't they build *insert newer model* Gundam instead of this one?"

Dude, this is the RX-78-2! The grandfather of all Gundams! 8Dbbb Okay sure, it's not the first model or what not, but this is pretty much iconic when you mention the word Gundam. Also, 0-Gundam from Gundam 00? Is totally a homage to this ;A;

Japan, now build me a red Zaku. And sit back and watch the Gundam fandoms explode in happiness and pure bliss 8Dbbb