September 6th, 2009

10: squee, nurarihyon

薄桜鬼 随想録 - 沖田総司 【上】

Goddamnit you Shinsengumi men. The fact that nearly every captain ( with possible exception of Okita ) are mortally afraid of Hijikata made me LOL-ed so much XD And how the HQ gets turn upside down because a cat sneaked in was just too wtf XD The series of events here branched out to different routes depending on what you choose to do/help out.

Option 1 : Distract Hijikata ( unlocks Heisuke, Hijikata and Kondou's events )
Option 2 : Help find the cat ( unlocks Saitou, Okita and Yamazaki's events 8D )
Option 3 : Help cook dinner ( unlocks Sano and Shinpachi's events )

So a cat ran into the kitchen when dinner was being prepared and messed up everything there and ran off. Sano, Shinpachi, Heisuke, Saitou, Okita were involved and they were trying to fix everything before dinnertime and without Hijikata knowing XD I think poor Heisuke got the worst deal out of them all though, mainly because he's the only one who was sent to distract Hijikata ( who's stuck in a meeting with Sanran and Kondou )

Hijikata : So, what are you doing here?
Heisuke : Uwaa. You don't have to make such a scary face, do you?

Wow Chizuru actually got Souji to apologise if you picked his route. Because he has no idea how to handle/carry a cat properly. You go girl XDDDD

( Also, I'm sure Yamazaki and Saitou are like, the founding members of Hijikata fanclub in the Shinsengumi XDDD )

And because I'd got Souji's route when I played Kitan, I'm gonna play his route first here too 8DDbbb

沖田 恋情想起 一

The event here was before the Ikedaya-jiken. Chizuru spotted Souji playing with some kids inside the HQ. The kids liked Souji a lot enough but have much bad impression of the rest of the Shinsengumi. They thought most, if not all of them were extremely scary and were pretty much bad person because of their ruthlessness. Souji chimed in along with the kids when Chizuru broke out in protest saying things like "Even though they can be scary but they're good people!" . Souji of course added that Hijikata was pretty scary on default, and what's with the whole Demon Vice Commander's nickname XD ( Also Sanran-san, who can be scary in his own way although he doesn't raise his voice as much as Hijikata XDD )

The insults throwing goes on and on until the kids started to say that Kondou's an idiot. Who looks weak. Who doesn't even look like a commander XDD;;;; And then...

Collapse )

Chizuru : Uhm. Okita-san. I think you better put him down now... ( since the kid started crying )
Okita : That's mean, Chizuru-chan. I'm just playing afterall
Chizuru : Uhm, no. That face of yours doesn't look like you're 'just playing' =.=;;

沖田 恋情想起 二

2nd set of Okita event took place after Chizuru found out about his illness from the Matsumoto-sensei ;A; Hijikata had ordered Souji to just stay in the room and not run about ( this should be a bit after the medical checkup? Which the doctor insisted that the Shinsengumi must take better care of the cleanliness in their HQ and massive spring cleaning ensued XD ( Souji didn't have to do that though, much to the annoyance of Shinpachi XD; )

Collapse )

Souji thought that Chizuru was unexpectedly naggy LOLOLOL Much like Hijikata. LOLOLOLOL. And when Chizuru noticed his hair was still wet, she started towelling his hair AHAHAHAHAHA She has no sense of doom. When Souji finally couldn't take it anymore he shook her off and tied up his hair again XD

But Souji dropped the bomb question on the still naggy Chizuru by asking :

沖田 総司
僕の髪型、どう思う?」Err... what do you think of my hair-style?

AWWWW SOUJI XDD You are unexpectedly VAIN. He was the only one the Kitan that went "ERR DO I LOOK OKAY WITH THE NEW HAIRCUT?" at Chizuru afterall XDD ( He confided in Chizuru saying that he is actually copying Kondou's hairstyle AWWWWW SOUJI XD XD XDD )

Btw, I'm ashamed to admit that my LJ Hakuouki tag-list is getting larger and larger ''orz