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I needed distractions ..

Here's a meme from piratelicker

1. Comment and I'll tell you what fandom and character I associate with you.
2. Post this in your own journal so I can see what fandom you associate with me.

Her answer to me was :
can Hyde be considered a character? Because SRSLY when I think of you, the first thing that pops up is that pretty ojiisan.

fandomwise... is... Laruku o course bwahahahahah. Or some K-drama with some pretty boy whose name I dun know.


ONE PIECE 458 : Beauty ? Meat ?? Swordman ??? ( ooh I missed you Mugiwara(s) so damned much <3 ) This chapter makes me squeee like mad. Can't wait for the next chapter *claws at Oda*

Gintama : I started reading this series after seeing multiple crack icons from rei_kurasaki's posts. The first 10 chapters or so made me go "Errr.. what is THIS all about again?" and stopped reading ( The artwork is mediocre and expression is kinda weird for me ) BUT!

I was bored yesterday and I ended up pulling up random chapters I downloaded and ended up laughing my ass off at how dead pan the jokes and characters are delivered XD

I think I'd fell in love with this line from Chapter 14(?) : "My hand is a hook, see? I can only be a pirate or a coat rack now--"

XDDD And there were One Piece references ( We dream of a journey and grand voyage in search of the legendary "ONE PACK!" )

Here is an idyllic scenes from the back of a taxi service :3 Narrator is an estranged warrior who had found a new job being a driver XD

How can I NOT read on? XDDD

Pheromomania Syndrome : I can't remember when was the last time I laughed SO HARD reading a shoujou manga ( I think POWER! was full of crack too but this easily beat that ) OMG thanks piratelicker for the recommendations XDD This is like ... 1000x the crack that was W-Juliet XDDD

I have a thousand and one thing and plans and nervousness swirling in my head and I suddenly felt like one body is not enough. Dear god GIVE ME MORE TIME PRZ ~~
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