Hakuouki Zuisouroku 『 事件想起 二 』

I-I need to be less scatterbrain and remember that I have all these text typed out and saved on draft and just click the POST IT, DAMNIT button instead of leaving it to mold for more than a week >.> Anyway, Zuisouroku event #2! 8D

Basically all events will have Chizuru sneak in Shimabara as a geisha [ 島原に潜入する ]. Here, things branched out for several different characters' events :

1. Writes a letter back to the headquarter -> unlocks Hijikata, Okita or Kazama events
2. Report the situation immediately -> unlocks Saitou or Yamazaki events
3. Feels discouraged ( by the turn of events ).. -> unlocks Heisuke or Sano events

Huu huu being the fangirl I am, of course I'll play Event 1 first 8DDvvv

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Guh my eyes are hurting and yet I still wanna play games ''orz ( Anyway, the PS3 is currently in my apartment ohohooo. It's hard to resist yanno! )
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OHAI. I'm back from my hiatus. Taiwan and Mayday was awesome and my friends and me were extremely lucky to be showered with awesome weather when we were there from the 24th-29th September ( The typhoon hit Taipei about a day after we left @.@; ) And guess what's my first LJ post is about after the break?

That's right folks! It's STILL Hakuouki! *is bricked*

Since I took my long break from the game I have no idea whose story I should start on ( I stopped finishing Okita and Heisuke's route several weeks ago ). Thus I decides to tackle 事件想起ニ/Jiken Souki 2/Memories 2 instead since it's a new Zuisouroku exclusive event ( The cat rampage one was the first one XD ) Plus, you get to unlock Kazama's route finally from here. ( and got the missing CGs for Souji and Heisuke's albums )

Synopsis : Chizuru was informed by Sen-hime that there had been some suspicious gathering of rounin in the Shimabara district ( yanno, the hanamachi/ red light district ). And among those people gathering, someone that looks like Chizuru's father had been spotted by an acquaintance of Sen-hime there. Worried by the information, ( which both involves her ( father ) and the Shinsengumi's works of keeping the peace in the streets of Edo ), Chizuru passed the information to the rest of the Shinsengumi heads and they ended up planning to dig out what's happening there.

I love the fact that Shinpachhan was obviously overly HAPPY and jumped straight at the idea of having to be at Shimabara ON OFFICIAL ORDER OMG XD But Hijikata and Kondou were worried how they will be able to wheedle information out of the people there because since the geisha(s) are in a very tight knit community and will probably never say anything out of their usual work due to their professionalism/loyalty to client(?) etc etc.

Shinpachi : Ah Hijikata-san! How about if we do this..
Hijikata : Hn? You have any good idea?
Shinpachi : With my beautiful body, I shall go seduce all the pretty ladies there and make them tell us news about these strange people!
Hijikata : ....taking you seriously was an idiotic mistake on my part 「……てめえなんその話を、真面目に聞こうした俺は馬鹿だった」

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And of course there are several branches about the event after Chizuru ended up in Shimabara itself. Which I'll probably make another post on them because I already got so long winded here ( and so far the events are equal part AWWWW and LOL for me. Massive AWWWWW part is from Heisuke ( even his CG there is kinda meeeh ). Sano's chapter ending event was massive LOL for me XD And Hijikata's had me going HA HA HA OH GJ, FUKUCHOU! I haven't gone through Saitou's and OMG, Yamazaki's yet ( I'm sure it doesn't involves badminton though )

And Kazama. Hmmm, Kazama. He likes to say really rather disturbing things. Just saying. But it was kinda cute and adorable tooo gaaaaaah Otomate what are you doing to meeeeee????!
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薄桜鬼 随想録 - 沖田総司 【下】

So I'd finished Souji's route ( a few days back actually ) and started chapter 1 for Heisuke 8D;; but I had been too busy to continue since then @.@;

沖田 恋情想起 三

This one took place around the time when Souji's health is taking turn for the worse. Sanran-san approached Hijikata one evening and dropped hint that maybe the Ochimizu might save Souji's life at this point. Hijikata got extremely angry and ended up arguing with Sanran. He then sent Chizuru, who was there all along to check up on Souji ( just so that she won't have to hear them both yelling at each other methink XD;; )

Chizuru realised that Souji had not touched his food which was left near the door when she was there and started trying to make a very sulky and stubborn Souji eat. Apparently Yamazaki had been saying the same thing the day before when he came to collect the dishes ^^; In order to persuade him to eat, Chizuru told Souji that she'll make him his favourite food. Souji was all "NUUUU I TOLD YOU I HAVE NO APPETITE TO EAT okay-i-wanna-okayu-with-loads-of-daikon-radishes..."

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沖田 恋情想起 四

I actually liked this event a lot. Because you get to (hear?) see a very pissed off Yamazaki XDD Event took place in Osaka when Souji was sent away to be taken care of by Matsumoto-sensei due to his illness. Chizuru walked into the room one night when she heard Yamazaki losing his temper in a very.. un-Yamazaki manner XD ( he's usually cool and collected albeit being really rather strict. Very Saitou-ish actually XD ). From Kitan story, we got to know that Hijikata sent Yamazaki along with Okita and Chizuru to look after the both of them while Okita is recovering from his silver bullet wound.

Yamazaki : Would you quit it ALREADY!!!
Okita : Is this any way you talk to a superior officer?!
Yamazaki : I would if you actually behave like one! <-- Oh Yamazaki, you have no idea how much I love you for this line XDDD
Okita : I bet you're hoping and wishing that your superior officer here is HIJIKATA!
Chizuru : Uhmmm both of you, please calm down... (=A=);;

The shouting match continued a bit more until they both turned to Chizuru and asked who does she think that was at wrong there XDD LOLOLOL this whole exchange was almost childish XD ( Yamazaki was actually annoyed that Souji had been ignoring doctor's order to rest more and was running around. And Souji obviously wasn't too happy to be told to sit still and do nothing. )

Eventually Yamazaki apologised for his outburst and left the room leaving Chizuru alone with Souji. Chizuru tried to make sure Okita rest early before excusing herself when Souji said :

沖田 総司
添い寝とかしてくれないの?」 Chizuru-chan, since you're here already why don't we sleep together? :3

雪村 チズル
全然わかりません……!」 What the hell do you mean by that??! AKJSHKJDHKS ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

NO CG HERE GAIZ THIS IS NOT FAIR :((((( One of my favourite Okita event has no CG. WOES.

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In case anyone's wondering, I didn't forget event 6 XD; There's no CG if I remembered correctly, and Souji was reminiscing about how Kondou was such a huge influence on him ;3;
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薄桜鬼 随想録 - 沖田総司 【上】

Goddamnit you Shinsengumi men. The fact that nearly every captain ( with possible exception of Okita ) are mortally afraid of Hijikata made me LOL-ed so much XD And how the HQ gets turn upside down because a cat sneaked in was just too wtf XD The series of events here branched out to different routes depending on what you choose to do/help out.

Option 1 : Distract Hijikata ( unlocks Heisuke, Hijikata and Kondou's events )
Option 2 : Help find the cat ( unlocks Saitou, Okita and Yamazaki's events 8D )
Option 3 : Help cook dinner ( unlocks Sano and Shinpachi's events )

So a cat ran into the kitchen when dinner was being prepared and messed up everything there and ran off. Sano, Shinpachi, Heisuke, Saitou, Okita were involved and they were trying to fix everything before dinnertime and without Hijikata knowing XD I think poor Heisuke got the worst deal out of them all though, mainly because he's the only one who was sent to distract Hijikata ( who's stuck in a meeting with Sanran and Kondou )

Hijikata : So, what are you doing here?
Heisuke : Uwaa. You don't have to make such a scary face, do you?

Wow Chizuru actually got Souji to apologise if you picked his route. Because he has no idea how to handle/carry a cat properly. You go girl XDDDD

( Also, I'm sure Yamazaki and Saitou are like, the founding members of Hijikata fanclub in the Shinsengumi XDDD )

And because I'd got Souji's route when I played Kitan, I'm gonna play his route first here too 8DDbbb

沖田 恋情想起 一

The event here was before the Ikedaya-jiken. Chizuru spotted Souji playing with some kids inside the HQ. The kids liked Souji a lot enough but have much bad impression of the rest of the Shinsengumi. They thought most, if not all of them were extremely scary and were pretty much bad person because of their ruthlessness. Souji chimed in along with the kids when Chizuru broke out in protest saying things like "Even though they can be scary but they're good people!" . Souji of course added that Hijikata was pretty scary on default, and what's with the whole Demon Vice Commander's nickname XD ( Also Sanran-san, who can be scary in his own way although he doesn't raise his voice as much as Hijikata XDD )

The insults throwing goes on and on until the kids started to say that Kondou's an idiot. Who looks weak. Who doesn't even look like a commander XDD;;;; And then...

Collapse )

Chizuru : Uhm. Okita-san. I think you better put him down now... ( since the kid started crying )
Okita : That's mean, Chizuru-chan. I'm just playing afterall
Chizuru : Uhm, no. That face of yours doesn't look like you're 'just playing' =.=;;

沖田 恋情想起 二

2nd set of Okita event took place after Chizuru found out about his illness from the Matsumoto-sensei ;A; Hijikata had ordered Souji to just stay in the room and not run about ( this should be a bit after the medical checkup? Which the doctor insisted that the Shinsengumi must take better care of the cleanliness in their HQ and massive spring cleaning ensued XD ( Souji didn't have to do that though, much to the annoyance of Shinpachi XD; )

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Souji thought that Chizuru was unexpectedly naggy LOLOLOL Much like Hijikata. LOLOLOLOL. And when Chizuru noticed his hair was still wet, she started towelling his hair AHAHAHAHAHA She has no sense of doom. When Souji finally couldn't take it anymore he shook her off and tied up his hair again XD

But Souji dropped the bomb question on the still naggy Chizuru by asking :

沖田 総司
僕の髪型、どう思う?」Err... what do you think of my hair-style?

AWWWW SOUJI XDD You are unexpectedly VAIN. He was the only one the Kitan that went "ERR DO I LOOK OKAY WITH THE NEW HAIRCUT?" at Chizuru afterall XDD ( He confided in Chizuru saying that he is actually copying Kondou's hairstyle AWWWWW SOUJI XD XD XDD )

Btw, I'm ashamed to admit that my LJ Hakuouki tag-list is getting larger and larger ''orz
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I'm a-aliveeeeeeee!!! And much rambling about 薄桜鬼 随想録


Loads of stuff happened and mainly because my connection at work is being blocked left and right by the dude above, I have not been actually... online much at all >.> ( which render me stuck like, idk, oppressive witch burning 14th century mayhaps >.> )


This is basically a bunch of events that happened in between the main storyline from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. Which obviously I am not complaining because I had been hoping for more Shinsengumi HQ hijinks even from the main story 8D

With Hakuouki back, will I be spamming and spamming with nothing but Hakuouki on my LJ for days to come? Errr... idkdunaskme 8D;

Onwards to Zuisouroku rambling! &hearts

So what do you feel if the first thing you see when you wake up is this?

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So Chizuru had nightmare the entire night and was woken up by Okita Souji ( which is possibly another set of nightmares of its own )

I LOL-ed at Chizuru's first impression of Souji

"From the moment I saw him that night, the impression he gave me had not changed a bit"
"He is a very scary person"

LOLOLOLOLOL Souji said the punishment for oversleeping is to be killed XD Stop being an ass, Souji XD


Collapse )

Uuuuuuuu Sano and Shinpacchan are the best T.T At least they're not being mean even though Chizuru just poured hot miso soup on Shinpacchan XDD

Sanran-san is actually miffed that Chizuru's being worked around the headquarter XD YOU ARE NICE WHEN YOU'RE NOT CREEPY SANRAN-SAN! ( Also yaaaay Inoue-jichan detaaaaa! )

... and Chizuru was given the task to wake Heisuke ( who's still sleeping because he was out patrolling the night before ) by Inoue-san.

Which is no problem at all ^0^ Heisuke is nice <3

.... and Hijikata who had been up late working on paperworks(?) by Sanran-san

I-I think Sanran-san secretly wants to kill Chizuru T.T

Chizuru : I-I had been assigned a really scary task. ( and she left the hall with heavy heart )

LOLOLOLOLOL. Chizuru's inner monologue is GOLD from here onwards XDD

"To be honest the idea of going to Hijikata-san's room and wake him up is extremely scary.
I think I-I will go wake Heisuke-kun first and see how things are from there.
Hopefully by the time I'm done, Hijikata-san would had left his room on his own..."

With that hope of a future ( of not actually having to wake Hijikata for breakfast ), Chizuru headed towards Heisuke's room


Collapse )

And because we know the morning can't start without Hijikata being pissed, Chizuru walked into his room while he's changing XDD

Collapse )

GG, Chizuru XDD ( she was so shocked she couldn't even tell Hijikata that she has a perfectly valid reason to be there XD ) It was Sanran-san's fault! REALLY!

Aaaaaanddd I'm stuck where Yamazaki and Shimada made their first appearance and decided that I can't take the kanji poisoning anymore ( and yes, needs sleep ) ;A; I'd been so out of practice that I don't think I recognised half the long strings of Japanese words on screen ''orz

CG pictures courtesy of the nice people over at hakuoki :DD I'm too lazy to take photo of the TV screen XD;;
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Because I'm fighting off narcolepsy here T.T

Stolen from piratelicker who seems to love giving away free marks 8D;

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character from each item.

01. Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife | piratelicker
02. The World Ends with You Minamimoto Sho | booya_king <-- that zettabyte!
03. Final Fantasy XII Baltheir | piratelicker
04. Hakuouki -Shinsengumi Kitan- Hijikata Toshizou | piratelicker
05. Tokimeki Memorial GS2 Saeki Teru | piratelicker
06. Gensou Suikoden II Flik | artavias
07. Slam Dunk Rukawa Kaede | booya_king
08. Gundam 00 Gundam Setsuna F. Seiei | booya_king
09. Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge &hearts | booya_king
10. Mononoke Kusuriuri/Medicine Seller | piratelicker
11. Gintama Hijikata Toshirou | psyienna
12. Eyeshield 21 Hiruma Yoichi | psyienna
13. One Piece Monkey D. Luffy | piratelicker
14. Ouran High School Host Club Suoh Tamaki | piratelicker
15. Houshin Engi Taikoubou | psyienna
16. Yuyu Hakusho Kurama | piratelicker
17. Tales of Destiny Leon Magnus | sylent_realm & artavias
18. Nurarihyon no Mago Rikuo of the Night | sylent_realm J-jailbait TAT
19. BECK Taira Yoshiyuki | kotori_chan
20. Good Omens Crowley | booya_king & sylent_realm E-evil had never been cooler T.T

Go go go flist! KEEP ME AWAKE PLEASE ;A;

ETA : I realised if I put Until Death Do Us Part here there will be THREE Hijikata(s) in the list lolololol
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You know, with twitter I seem to be slowly abandoning my LJ @.@; Whooops?

So I had been really really sick since Monday last week? @.@; I got better now thankfully.

The amount of doctor visits I had last week is enough to drive me broke early of the month. And it's kind of embarrassing to keep submitting various medical leave certs to the admin at work since there had been SO MANY separate ones since I thought I will get better the next day? >.>

The point of this post? Uhmmmm. None at all? Except that I want to post this dumb image here 8DDDbbb

The Celestial Being medical cert! ( based off my own, actually 8DDD;;; )

What S1!T-chan did in the VEDA's record before locking Alle away for his screwups despite Dr. Moreno's protest. I'm sure he has one for Setsuna somewhere too..

O-okay fine! I have no excuse. I'm just lame, kaaay? I'm actually amused by my own MC now, FML. Oh gawd I need a life >.> ( and less Gundam 00 )

PS: A friend of mine is going to Tokyo end of this month. I'm gonna try to Jedi-mindtrick him into taking picture of the Giant Gundam in Odaiba for me 8DDDDbbbbb

meme because I hate morning and I need to amuse myself ;A;

Ganked from rei_kurasaki who gave the bestest answers to every series she got tagged for &hearts Gintoki for president amiriteee?

Name a series and I'll tell you the character(s) I would:

1. Bake cupcakes for:
2. Trust with the keys to my car:
3. Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
4. Have a crush on:
5. Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
6. Vote for President:
7. Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
8. Pair up:
9. Vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. Wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:

Uhm, I need to state in advance I haven't watch anime for quite some time and they're kinda of sporadic manner. Series I actually watched : Gundam 00 ( duh! ), Code Geass ( Apparently I'm masochist for Sunrise mind screw ), Karas, Ouran, Mononoke .. uhh.. the old FMA and Blood+ 8D;; There are better chance with manga though because I go through a whole bunch of them weekly XD;;; ( And games, there's always games XD )

Also! 薄桜鬼 随想録 ( Hakuouki Zuisouroku ) gallery updated with TWO new images XDD Okitaaaaaa &hearts Sano-saaaaaan &hearts

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I wanna play Zuisouroku sooooo bad &hearts &hearts &hearts But with my semi failing command of the Japanese language recently... wish me luck T.T
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ASKDJK DSMHDHBFJ !!! 飛べ!ガンダム!!!

In response to deaxolff's entry

OMG OMG OMG Moona!!! They completed it! 8DDDDDDbbbbb

Picture from BBC NEWS Day in Pictures btw

I'd been following the progress of this via Kotaku with glee for the past months but seeing the completed pictures made me jadgjhagjhgfjhsgfhj A BIG HAPPY FANGIRL 8DDD Mainichi.jp has a gallery of pictures taken of this 18m tall RX78-2 for Gundam 30th Anniversary and it IS COMPLETELY AWESOME.

Collapse )

Why am I not in Japan this summer? :(( I'd even missed Going Merry in Odaiba last time *headdesk x infinity*

Japan, why so awesome? ;A; But why are you taking this down after August 31st??!!!

PS : I nearly lynched a friend of mine alive yesterday when he complained "Why don't they build *insert newer model* Gundam instead of this one?"

Dude, this is the RX-78-2! The grandfather of all Gundams! 8Dbbb Okay sure, it's not the first model or what not, but this is pretty much iconic when you mention the word Gundam. Also, 0-Gundam from Gundam 00? Is totally a homage to this ;A;

Japan, now build me a red Zaku. And sit back and watch the Gundam fandoms explode in happiness and pure bliss 8Dbbb
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desktop meme!

Ganked from piratelicker. LJ was being a super douche earlier at work. Apparently I can view my FList but I can't seem to reply/read individual pages? Guh.

1. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their Livejournal.
2. Explain in five sentences on why you're using that wallpaper!
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

And really, I don't think I'm gonna contest piratelicker for the manliest of the manlies wallpaper. Because mine is definitely NOT.

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Trivia #1 : This wallpaper span across three computers I'd been on. At home, at work and at work in China *coughs* I'm usually too lazy to change wp if I'd found one that I like and works well.
Trivia #2 : Despite the icons being on the right side, this screen capture is on the PC at home which runs on Windows, as opposed to the other two which are on Mac OS. And somehow I got used to icons being on my right side >.>
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