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Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds ( Asian premiere )

So I made a quick and crazy trip to Singapore over the weekend ( flying in Saturday, flying out Sunday ) for this along with all these crazy people :D

FF Distant World concert in Singapore on 23rd May 2009 was AMAZING <3 I was holding back the excitement and tried to keep the expectation low because I thought PLAY! was kinda messed up two years ago when I was there :\

Before anything long and rambly about the music that night... let me get this out of my system...

Uematsu Nobuo was there!!!!!

Yes! We got to see the man himself! The crowds went crazy when the conductor Arnie Roth announced his presence in the hall &hearts &hearts &hearts I really really didn't expect that @.@; And he looks like such a jovial old man XD If I'm to nominate anyone for the cast of Lu-Tze from Discworld, I really want to cast Uematsu as said character XDD

But Distant World amazed me with the amount of fun and passion they injected to the pieces. Not all the pieces played that night was great imo, but the ones that was awesome, was really really fantastic! <3

FINAL FANTASY VIII : Liberi Fatali ( &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY X : To Zanarkand ( &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY VIII : Don't be Afraid
FINAL FANTASY VII : Aerith's Theme ( &hearts &hearts &hearts !!! )
FINAL FANTASY V : Dear Friends
FINAL FANTASY IX : Valo' alla Flamenco ( &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY series : Main Theme


FINAL FANTASY VII : Opening - Bombing Mission ( &hearts !!! )
FINAL FANTASY VIII : Fisherman's Horizon ( &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY XI : Memoro de la Stono
FINAL FANTASY IV : Theme of Love ( &hearts &hearts &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY series : Swing de Chocobo ( &hearts )
FINAL FANTASY VI : Opera "Maria and Draco" ( &hearts )

Encore #1
FINAL FANTASY VI : Terra's theme
Encore #1
FINAL FANTASY VII : One Winged Angel

And I'm not even going to put the little hearts sign next to the encore pieces. They are LOVEEEEEE &hearts &hearts &hearts Terra's theme omfg. And apparently I was all giddy when they finally performed One Winged Angel according to darkkof ( So yeah I know, I know this One Winged Angel was played to death and brought back from the Lifestream since eons ago. But I still love it a lot okaaaay? )

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jiddo, his friend ( whose name I did not get but somehow got into an argument about Tifa later that night ), darkkof, whiterabbit, zukinoq and me went of right after the concert ended missing out the Q&A session because we wanted to get in line for Uematsu's autograph session.

We got into the initial 150 participants who were in line because they refused to let anymore people line up and were ecstatic that we were finally able to see Uematsu up close! Alas, the line was cut off about 20 minutes after the signing and we didn't made the cut in the end T.T I'm miffed about that but I guess I was too happy that night to dwell in it for too long :| I mean, I think the guy behind the person who got the last signature HAD to be even more pissed and screwed over right? :\ Oh well.

According to those who stayed back for the Q&A session, Distant World is in negotiation with the Malaysia's Philharmonic Orchestra about bringing the concert over &hearts &hearts &hearts PLEASE let this happen! I'll gladly pay and go for this again if it's in Malaysia &hearts &hearts &hearts
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Oi Otomate!

How much damage you intend to do to my frail otome heart? D: I didn't check your website for some time because stupid China firewall decides not to like you and when I do now, I see so MANY shiney new things that I will probably fangirl over D: D: D: D: D:

So Hakuouki will be re-released in PSP platform and another new/extra(?) game for the PS2 in August. Huhhhhhhh I wonder who will go crazy again comes August :\

And they'd updated the PSP site with a top image ( it may be old, but this is the first time I'm seeing it and here I am going HEEEEEE HEEEEEEE SANO-SANNNNNN )


I wonder will there be new CG/content for the PSP version since that one is most definitely a direct port from the first game :3

And with Hakuouki Zuisouroku, my dictionary tells me it means Hakuouki : Collection of Miscellaneous Thoughts What I reaaaaaally hope it'll contain are more Shinsengumi HQ hijinks. BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE LULZ. PRZ TO BE MAKING FUN OF FUKUCHOU MORE, SOUJI! And remember the WTF?! medical examination CG? 8DDDbbbb

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And oh, I'd just got my Hakuouki Official Illust book yesterday from Genne ( after so many months of being stuck with her since I was in China T.T ) And it kinda resparked my fangirl-ness for them Shinsengumi men TwT I'm a bit miffed there's no new artwork minus the cover image and the poster it comes with. But there are some interesting notes on the initial characters' design and BESTEST OF ALL? What the Shinsengumi members think of each other XDDD ( most of everyone re: Hijikata = OMG ONI FUKUCHOU RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU PISS HIM OFF!but uhh he's a really cool guy afterall. And what everyone says about Heisuke makes me want to pat Puppy-chan on the head ;A; )

I need to go through the Suikoden Tierkreis characters guide aimo lent me as well.. and you know.. not just focus on Asad's profiles and extra story because it'll just be him embarrassing himself in front of Chrodechild, I'm sure, I don't even need to read it.
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Uhmmm.. Look who's back? 8D;;;;


( ´ ▽ ` )ノ タダイマァ

I'd been back from China for a good two weeks now but had been too tired busy LAZY to do much, much less blogging on LJ @.@; Two whole months of not being able to access LJ made me ... kinda... ignored it now @.@; gave up trying to read up two whole months worth of F-list on the 3rd pages

But the thing that drove me to get off my procrastination and actually post something is .... THIS! 8DDDDbbbb

...somehow I can't get my phone-cam to focus properly @.@ BUT! ISN'T SETCHAN JUST DARLINGGGG HERE? 8DDD

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And so now I have an army of chibi Gundam Meisters on my workstation XDDD


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Uhm. So... the first post I made after months of hiatus is... STILL about Gundam 00? WHICH BY THE WAY IS REALLY AWESOME I LOVE THE SERIES SO DAMNED MUCH ZOMG DESPITE IT'S FAIRY DUST EXPLAINATIONS AND ALL I had not fell in love with a series for a very very long time @.@ And this is possibly the first ever anime series I followed weekly when it's still running orz

I'd finally ran out of excuse not to watch series my friends watches and recommends now oh noes D:


I'm going to Singapore this weekend for Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds concert this weekend! &hearts &hearts &hearts I can NOT wait! Heyyyy dream_raine and rei_kurasaki! I wonder if we can meet up sometime during then XDbbb ( but i'll be flying in Saturday morning and out on Sunday evening... guh, I hope this won't be an rushed exhausting trip @.@;; )

Oh snap. I haven't exchange money. Better do it tonight @.@;
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薄桜鬼 drama CD jacket illustrations

Got the head-up from Kazuki Yone's blog and the found these on Amazon.co.jp \(>o<)/ギャーッ!

薄桜鬼 ドラマCD 〜新選組捕物控〜
Uuuuu... S-souji ;A; Saitou and most importantly, ONI-FUKUCHOUUUUUUUU &hearts &hearts &hearts ( I just realised I missed Souji a lot ;A; Souji with his neko-grin waaaaaaa )

薄桜鬼 ドラマCD 〜新選組捕物控〜

Shinpacchan, Sano, Heisuke trio and A SMILING KAZAMA? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ~~~~ Not that evil mocking smile. But just ... *brain sizzles* ( And ahhhh Sano, why so ikemen? キャー(>ω<*) )


And they're in the Shinsengumi haori which I tend to be irrationally spazzy over aaaaaaaaa

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As you can see I already gave up on HYDE BEST ALBUM and VAMPS' new single 8D;; HAHA OSSAN I'M SORRY, MY PRIORITIES ARE KINDA NOT WITH YOU THIS TIME 8DD;;;;;

ETA : Found the drama CD contents from Amazon.co.jp 8DDDDD/


Lousy translation by me :

One early afternoon as Souji was playing with a bunch of kids in Shinsengumi quarters. Embraced by the warm sunshine, Souji fell asleep while he was on the job to look after the Shinsengumi uniform drying under the sun. When he woke up, the uniform that is like the life of the Shinsengumi members were gone--. Who is the culprit and where in the world are the haori? Despite the noise and chaos, this story paints a regular day of the lives of the Shinsengumi members.

AHAHAHAH OH GAWD I WANT THIS SO BAD NOW JUST SO I CAN HEAR THE EPIC BITCHERY FROM THE ONI-FUKUCHOU. Oh Souji, messed things up because he FELL ASLEEP ON WATCH AHAHAHAHAHAA XDD How are you gonna live that down Mr. Prodigy Swordsman? XDDDD more likely he'll just shrug it off and make Heisuke do the dirty work XDD

Goddamnit, and here I was thinking these are serious drama tracks -- which I'm not too interested in since I probably can't understand a thing they're saying. BUT THIS IS A CRACK DRAMA TRACK OF SORT. OH GOD. PROTECT MY PURSE FROM MY INSANE FANGIRL FITS, PRZ. orz orz orz

Image post because I'm bored

.. and because I might not be able to access LJ when I get to ShenZhen starting next Monday for two months orz So yeah, deal with the abuse now y0 8DD;;;

First off, guess what I'd just got \8DD/ ( courtesy of dearest Genne who dashes to and fro Kinokuniya all the time 8DD )

VAMPS Monthly Vol. 8
Somehow.. I can't seem to stop buying this. Well, there's like ... 4 more issues to go anyway >.>

My ossan so pretty *___* I planned to slobber all over this issue but my boss walked in. Ho-hummm :\

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I'm having horrible flu and is feeling miserable now damnit! T__T I wished I can throw a flu-drama as epic as Howl. But I'm at work, and will probably get socked on the head by others. WOES. *continue to make tissue-wantan*

ETA : Guh, flu-wreck brain is so not working but..


ME ME ME ME MEMEMEHEEEEEEEEEE &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts ( and about 13 others in the same row. w00t! )
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Gundam 00 s2 #21





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And I think Mr. Bushido is the main reason I'm so bipolar. REALLY.

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Oooooh also, Collapse )

Crap, four more episodes to go and I won't be around since I'll be packed and sent off to Shenzhen starting next Monday for two months T____T I want my Gundam 00 til the very end T_____T

ETA: This was supposed to be a post about L'Arc~en~Ciel new DVDs that I got suckered into pre-ordering.

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I think I near died from the cute *__*

I love how I gets all bipolar from watching this series. I love-hate the drama that keeps it going. I go all RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at certain characters at certain time. I end up loving characters that I didn't realised I cared for halfway through. And then I die from the various WTF-ARE THEY FOR REAL?! cracks that keeps popping up XD;;

mangaka_chan from gundam00 posted scans of Gundam Ace March 09 and my brain kind of exploded from all the cute chibis running around in the crossword puzzle pages XD;

Of course, with my translation, please take it with several bottles of salt. I don't claim I actually know the language all that well AHAHAHA *headdesk*

Run, Setsuna. RUNNNNNNNN~~ ( note my total PHAIL attempt in Hamu's Bushido's dramatic expression orz )


Also. Dunken mechanic on Ptolemy? On the new year? WELL OF COURSE IT HAS TO HAPPEN 8DDDbbb

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And now for some Valentine loving.

Or, y'know. NOT.

LOL no wai I'm translating Billy's mumbly-despair-hate-monologue. Oh Billy.

Hamu, just leave him be. You'll never understand, Hamu. NEVAAAAHHHHH!!! The feeling of a man whose affection was not retur-- NO, WAIT. Yeah, I take that back. Hamu will understand perfectly. I'm sure.

Such a cold reception, after all the trouble I took to come here waiting for you. But I shall make your eyes see me and ONLY ME! <-- Oh I can never decide whether I love you or hate you, Hamu &hearts &hearts &hearts

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This post makes no sense.

I woke up with the most WTF dream I had in recent times. Good part is that I do remember most of it. Bad thing is as per usual with dreams, it doesn't make sense and makes me question why I didn't see things being out of ... touch with reality in dream scapes XD;;

But then, that's how dreams go isn't it?

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The dream is entirely stupid. But maybe it is telling me to be less boring in life and be more in touch with my general fandoms?

... NOT!

( I missed TMGS2 suddenly though ;A; )

Okay, maybe I should just go out more.

That reminds me... where's the Vampire Knight DS game? :\

And oh HAY THERE! HYDE VAMPS new single! 8D

Very uninspiring video though >_>;; ( hahaha I love the ROENTGEN series videos even though I hated his platinum blonde hair there? ;D ) But the song is fun to listen to :3 Somehow I missed L'Arc~en~Ciel so much I can't find the energy to be overly excited over each members' solo projects? :\

Some fan I am XD;; ( I feel bad but I was more excited over UVERworld's new album *AwakEVE* than any recent VAMPS releases *coughs*)
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Gundam 00 S2 Ep#19

I-I don't know what to say anymore. This series had progressively start breaking my brain since episode 8 and I think it reaches new heights of WTF-ness currently @_@;


I find myself switching between "FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!" to "OH FUCK YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!" every two minutes or so >_>; IT IS VERY TIRING ON MY MONDAY-HEAVY BRAIN DAMN YOU SUNRISE.

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S-SIX more episodes to go (;A;)

And forgot to say! New layout shameless pimping! &hearts

hydeism hydeism hydeism

Okay not so new. I had it since last week but I had not the energy to update whoops? 8D;;
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Dissidia : Final Fantasy once more

I finished playing Dissidia : Final Fantasy!

Or rather, my brother did. I was next to him doing the translation XD;;;


This game is so shamelessly fan servicey. BUT I LOVE IT A LOT. Because the interactions between characters are REALLY FUN. And the slight homage and shout out they did to the original game is pretty cool ( The cut scene of Frioniel holding his sword in front of his face like the original logo? A thing of beauty XDDD Not to mention a lot of the lines in battles and what not are lifted straight from the game XDD e.g. Tidus : This is my story... ( and watch me go all *PUDDLES OF GOO FLAILING AROUND* )

I poked around and landed myself in Dissidia Wiki here and proceed to waste a few hours running through it XD I had fun with this the most. The transcript of lines for characters XD Basically these are their battle cries and lines they said when they fight against certain opponent X3 X33 I think Butz still have some of the best lines around, despite his unfortunate name ( but I love playing as him. His attacks are AWESOME <3 )

Collapse )

Ehh I didn't translate Terra and Warrior of Light's line because they're a little... boring? XD;; *dodges rotten tomatoes* Warrior-san is pretty much as knightly as you can imagine and talks in a rather old fashioned style and keep saying things like "The light will lead my way", "I will not lose to darkness" etc etc XD; Terra's is pretty much afraid of her own power and she sounded unsure nearly 90% of the time. The only part I really enjoyed so far from her are the ones where she met Cloud ( but then I'm a Cloud fangirl, so I'm totally biased) And when they start talking about flowers and stuff ( Firioniel inflicts this on EVERYONE it seems ), I went all fangirly because I'm totally wearing my OTP-google and all the flowers reference is making me think of a certain flower girl ( why yes i'm not so subtle in my FF7-ship )

( And of course, this is not the full list, because I'm lazy and I am only highlighting some fun ones I can actually understand *coughs* )

And you know what caters to my FANGIRLY HEART THE MOST?


Oh gawd, the prettiness. IT'S SO DAZZLING. IT'S BLINDING &hearts &hearts &hearts